Because not every city and town in BC has a craft beer-focused liquor store like Victoria’s Cook St. Liquor, we want to bring the best craft beer—both domestic and imports—to every place in BC that doesn’t have access to all the amazing craft beer out there.

Every two weeks we’ll offer our latest Beer Mail package—12 different beers in 473ml tall cans—sent directly to your town. Prices and the beers offered every two weeks will vary, but the quality of the brew will be top-notch and your Beer Mail will be be packed carefully to arrive in excellent condition.

If you like a Beer Mail package offered below, order now, as we have limited quantities of all beers and each package is only offered for two weeks (or until it’s sold out). There is no obligation to join a club or commit to purchasing every offering, if you see one you like just click the Buy Now button. You’ll be able to quickly, easily and safely order from our secure, encrypted webstore.

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Beer Mail #100: Celebration of the Classics

Beer Mail began it’s journey with a desire to blur the urban and rural divide, putting the freshest releases of craft beer on the doorsteps of those who sought it, whether far afield or closer at hand.

We’ve shipped packages throughout British Columbia, such as Invermere, Haida Gwaii, Nelson, Prince Rupert and more! Beer Mail has truly travelled like your favourite band on Tour.

Since the inaugural package in May of 2016, Beer Mail’s journey has reflected the swiftly growing and shifting market in British Columbia. With a transition from 650ml bomber bottles to 473ml tall cans in 2018, and an emphasis on the newest small batch releases from upcoming stars and trusted veterans, Beer Mail has always aimed to showcase the cutting-edge of what can be in your glass.

With this 100th iteration, we’re Celebrating the Classics.

We are commemorating our top suppliers by incorporating the genre-defining hallmarks here in BC. This package is a nod to the foundation and evolution of our market and the trendsetters that produced them. Long-time fans will revisit old friends and rejoice at what brought us here today, while new enthusiasts can explore what made this all possible.

Contents of this momentous package are as follows:

Four Winds – Delta, BC

Founded by the Mills family in 2013. We remember the day their first shipment arrived through our doors in a refreshingly creative, classy and clean format of 4 x 330ml bottles to break the mould of 6 x 341ml/355ml packaging size. While packaging size continues to modernize, the sheer freshness and quality of their beer continues to speak for itself, with countless award wins, including Canadian Brewery of the Year in 2015. They exist at the intersection of big and small, producing an impressive line of core beers as well as mouth watering seasonal releases.

The Beer:  Nectarous, Dry-Hopped Sour. 5.5%

One of the first Sours on the scene in BC. Nectarous was ground breaking for retailers and hospitality locations, as its popularity sky-rocketed and became a consistently high-volume mover, dominating the Sour Beer category on shelves and tap lists. It continues to impress today, even while the massive wave of competition smashes shelves every Spring & Summer. The flavour? Well, it’s like drinking the nectar from nectarines, lifted by Galaxy& Citra hops for a bright finish.

Field House – Abbotsford, BC

It’s hard to forget Field House’s first appearance at the Great Canadian Beer Festival. The whispers were swirling around Royal Athletic Park, “have you had that Salted Black Porter from Field House?”, those kegs didn’t last long. The Abbotsford farmhouse producer has evolved into a power house. We consider them to be the epitome of contemporary brewing in BC and beyond. While they maintain a variety of core beers, the number of rotating seasonal releases and one-off productions is vast and extremely consistent. Whenever there’s a new small batch release, it’s a must-try.

The Beer: Toasted Coconut Dark Lager. 6%

A returning, absolute highlight, Fall release and freshly packaged in a 473ml tall can. Brewed as a traditional German-style Schwarzbier, this Dark Lager is the perfect compliment to shorter days and cooler nights, with the toasted coconut shining through the roast coffee and chocolate flavours. This is hallmark Field House, take a classic style and put a creative twist on it for greater impact.

Dageraad – Burnaby, BC

Arguably the best brewery in Canada. Winners of the 2018 Canadian Brewery of the Year, Dageraad is easily named one of our Staff Favourite producers of all-time. Brewing Belgian-style beer in Burnaby with BC personality, this tucked away operation is stewing with innovation and tradition. Owner Ben Coli and team ensure this artisan operation continues to evolve with odes to North American styles without breaking to exhaustive trends, and you can bet they do it with that Dageraad stamp of quality-first.

The Beer: Burnabarian Belgian Table Beer. 4.5%

With Dageraad’s back story in mind, Burnabarian is the quintessential Dageraad beer. This Belgian-style Session Ale, or Table Beer, broke ground in the market as one of the smoothest, cleanest and most enjoyable craft beers while not fitting into the traditional Pale Ale or Lager territory. Something clicked, you don’t have to drink a Tripel or Quad from Belgium to enjoy high quality Belgian-style beer. Burnabarian is what brewers drink while making other high-test, malt-packed concoctions for the masses. Brewed with the addition of oats and coriander to give it a silky mouthfeel and delicate profile.

Steel & Oak – New West, BC

From the Royal City and named after materials of strength and durability, Steel & Oak has maintained their stature in the market as a consistent and structured producer. From the days of nothing but exemplary German style beers, like Rauchbier and Hefeweizen, to their current day takes on modern styles of IPA, Steel & Oak has a deep portfolio and their beers are worth every penny.

The Beer: Dark Lager. 5%

This take on a Munich Dunkel harkens back to early days Steel & Oak. From the Owner Jorden Foss himself, it was hard to convince 2015 beer drinkers to go for a Lager that pours like a Stout. There was little competition to Vancouver Island Brewing’s Hermann’s Dark Lager, yet their version made a huge impact and resonated with people as the go-to beer for camping, sitting by a fire or enjoying with dessert – and it’s been on our shelves since it’s release in 473ml tall cans in 2017.

Superflux – Vancouver, BC

What began as Machine Ales, a two-man team brewing beer at Callister Brewing (Canada’s first collaborative brewery in East Vancouver), is now Superflux, the captains of the new school. They rode in to the market on the new wave of Hazy IPA and have since become a major player. Now with brick and mortar of their own on Clark Drive in Vancouver, this craft beer staple has launched a new expansion to Victoria in the form of {Cabana} – we’re excited to check it out!

The Beer: Colour & Shape. 6.5%

If Hazy IPA is a wave, Colour & Shape is a Tsunami. In this market and beyond, there’s little that compares to the freshness and flavour intensity of this IPA, bursting with thick pineapple, apricot, and peach finding a cleansing note of hop bitterness at the finish. The following Colour & Shape has, at least in our store, is of the die-hard variety and that fandom continues to grow.

Slow Hand – Vancouver, BC

In a small brick and mortar on Powell Street in Vancouver, Slow Hand has carved out the perfect niche in the market. They are at the forefront of what seems to be a Lager renaissance in BC. They produce a showcase of the forms that Lager can take, including their core German-style Pilsner, Euro Lagers, Cerveza and contemporary takes on Pilsner. If you’re tired of heavy ales and intensely hopped IPAs or just want to enjoy a crisp beer without having to think too much about it, go with a Slow Hand. You’ll have a new favourite.

The Beer: Světlý Ležák 12 Czech Pale Lager. 5%

Translating from Czech to “Light Lager”, with 12 degrees plato meaning roughly 5.2% ABV, this Slow Hand interpretation of a Czech lager is a Store Favourite. It is so tasty that if you close your eyes while you’re enjoying it you will be directly transported to Prague, seriously. This is one of those that you grab after thinking to yourself while staring at the liquor store fridge, “I just want a beer.” Our sincerest apologies that there’s only 1 of these in the package, but be sure we’ll stock it as often as possible.

Luppolo – Vancouver, BC

Luppolo (Italian for Hops) is an Italian inspired brewery opened in 2016 on Venables St. in East Vancouver with a gorgeous tasting room. They’re known for extremely complex Wild Ales, maintain an impressive Barrel Program, while producing benchmark Lagers and other classic styles. Worth the visit whenever you cross the Strait, as their tasting room only releases are always on point, and their pizza is a must-have.

The Beer: Sbarbatella Keller Pilsner. 5%

We’ll let the brewers themselves explain the nitty gritty on this Staff Favourite release that we often horde for ourselves:

“The fresh-faced Sbarbatella may not be as mature as his older brother, La Piazza, but this younger, spry Keller Pils has earned its stripes. Brewed exclusively with floor-malted bohemian pilsner malt and hopped with select New World Noble hops. It pours a cloudy straw yellow with a persistent, pillowy white head. Subtle floral aroma with hints of lemon and honey lead to flavours of hay with a cracker like grain character and smooth malt sweetness. It is clean and crisp, yet bold and complex with a medium body and balanced bitterness.”

Beere – North Van, BC

Beere is their namesake. This North Vancouver highlight has been turning heads since 2017, when there were breweries popping up in every reach of the Province. The boom was admittedly hard to keep track of, but Beere was one of those we had to seek out and attempt to receive & retail their bread and butter Dry-Hopped Hazy IPAs and Sours. There’s almost always a new release in-store when we receive our craft beer shipment every Thursday, aptly named amongst our crew as New Beer Day.

The Beer: Go Easy Pale Ale. 5.5%

This Hazy Pale Ale was the first Beere in our shop, and it remains a trusty go-to. It’s fully loaded with tropical fruit flavours like mango and orange with low to almost no bitterness for a super smooth, quaffable finish. Go Easy is designed for just that mentality, where their DDH Hazy IPA Mental Floss is complex and intense with hop character, this is an easy sessionable alternative.

Gladstone – Courtenay, BC

The owners of this quaint operation in Courtenay one upon a time lived on Gladstone Avenue in Fernwood, just down from the Fernwood Inn, hence their namesake! They are ideally located on 4th Street, with the feel of a neighbourhood pub, making the perfect spot to unwind after a hike through Strathcona Park or returning from an up island journey. They make a select number of beers, all carefully executed and true to style, with a classic west coast feel to them.

The Beer: Hazy Pale Ale. 5.5%

This beer is a bit of a phenomenon. From its arrival here last summer it quickly became, at times, the best-selling beer in our shop and it’s inclusion in this package was a forgone conclusion, even though Gladstone IPA is a staff favourite. It’s a “crushable” juicy Pale Ale with subtle flavours of guava and papaya with that soft, delicate mouthfeel and little touch of bitterness on the finish. Balanced and so so good.

Phillips – Victoria, BC

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Phillip’s inclusion in this package needs little explanation. Long-time legends of the scene, they were, and still are, many people’s first introductions to craft beer and you’d be hard-pressed not to find them on tap or in a store Province-wide. They even have their own named fridge door in our store, so you can always rely on cold Phillips beer. This local success story is not only a stand-out brewery and distillery, they remain heavily invested in the music and festival scene, offering their facility as the ideal venue for a plethora of truly memorable events for the Victoria community.

The Beer: Blue Buck. 5%

This is a no-brainer. Once named Blue Truck, Blue Buck is largely responsible for helping build a craft beer empire that is continuing to grow and expand. If you’re a craft beer enthusiast who never drinks the same beer twice, always on the hunt for the newest release, revisiting Blue Buck could help spark some nostalgia and rediscover the balanced malt & hop profile that made this the landmark Victoria beer.

île Sauvage – Victoria, BC

Exploding onto the scene with a flurry of excitement here in Victoria, île Sauvage has been a driving force in this City and Province for all things sour, fruity, and wild. Quickly amassing a dedicated following since their inception, this two-man team has produced instant classics and experimental gems. They’re on a mission to explore the intersection of fermentation and fruit, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. A true pride and joy in the Victoria craft beer scene.

The Beer: Raspberry Sour. 5.5%

We remember the day this landed in the back of Ian’s truck, and the craze that followed which has since been instilled in our clientele. This has become the benchmark fruited sour and a real staple in the local arsenal, and for good reason. A Golden Sour base jammed full of raspberries, it’s thick, vibrant, juicy, lively, and in your face. Pucker up.

Driftwood – Victoria, BC

Friends of the store Driftwood Brewery is a true local success story. They’ve come a long way in their 13 year history, from delivering their first ever keg to our neighbours The Beagle Pub in 2008, to now being distributed as far afield as Ontario. While they expand to their massive new location on Viewfield Road and prepare for their new distilled products, we can’t help but feel proud for being just a tiny part of their success in bringing their delicious beers to the people.

The Beer: Fat Tug IPA. 7%

We didn’t even have to think about it. This is the Victoria beer, and it’s fame is well deserved. Fat Tug is not for the faint of heart, yet it’s smooth malt profile, pronounced hop character and well-hidden alcohol content make it so easy to drink. Breweries have tried to knock this beer of it’s pedestal and honestly haven’t come close to taking a big enough chunk out of it’s market share. Cheers to the Driftwood team and the liquid gold they continue to produce.


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We’re prepared to send Beer Mail 100 (12 x 473ml) box of craft beers to your door for $58.02 + tax & dep. $65.00 total. Anywhere in BC!

We offer a flat shipping charge of $25 for Expedited Canada Post delivery anywhere in BC! (That’s you Haida Gwaii, Nelson, Prince Rupert, and others!)

FREE delivery to Victoria area addresses.

Beer Mail 100 is available until designated as Sold-Out.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

Local Delivery Schedule: Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM – no deliveries on weekends.

  • Four Winds, Nectarous Dry-Hopped Sour - 5.5% (Delta, BC)
  • Field House, Toasted Coconut Black Lager - 6% (Abbotsford, BC)
  • Dageraad, Burnabarian Belgian-Style Table Beer - 4.5% (Burnaby, BC)
  • Steel & Oak, Dark Lager - 5% (New West, BC)
  • Superflux, Colour & Shape IPA - 6.5% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Slow Hand, Světlý Ležák 12 Czech Pale Lager - 5% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Luppolo, Sbarbatella Keller Pilsner - 5% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Beere, Go Easy Hazy Pale Ale - 5.5% (North Vancouver, BC)
  • Gladstone, Hazy Pale Ale - 5.3% (Courtenay, BC)
  • Phillips, Blue Buck - 5% (Victoria, BC)
  • île Sauvage, Raspberry Sour - 5.5% (Victoria, BC)
  • Driftwood, Fat Tug IPA - 7% (Victoria, BC)
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Wine Mail #30: Averill Creek August Feaure

“Averill Creek Vineyard is located in the heart of Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley, where the dry, temperate climate lends itself to all the hallmarks of cool climate viticulture. The unique combination of soil and aspect make it an ideal place for growing cool weather varietals.

The soil under Averill Creek is Royston-Qualicum (a blend of glacial sand and gravel). Sloped and well drained, it is perfect for viticulture.  A vertical shoot positioning system (Guyot) is used to allow for optimal photosynthesis, air circulation, and ripening.

While the Cowichan Valley is prone to long, dry summers, the southern aspect of the vineyard captures and holds heat making it several degrees warmer than the surrounding valley.

Averill Creek’s small-lot plantings of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Maréchal Foch, Foch Cabernet, Cabernet Libre, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier are cared for by hand, and pruned to yield approximately 2.5 tons/acre. While some varietals can produce much more fruit, our yields are kept low to increase the quality of fruit harvested.” – Averill Creek Team

With their sharp, modern packaging change and the latest vintages of Somenos, and Joue Series of wines, it’s safe to say that Averill Creek has positioned themselves among the best on the Island.
The Somenos Gris & Pinot Noir are complex while approachable, balanced, premium wines.
The Joue Series of blended wines are like your favourite sauce, they go with anything and everything, or enjoyed on their own.

We’re offering the below 5 wines at a great price for the month of August, $2.00 OFF/bottle, and in our Wine Mail #30 package.

Prices are pre-tax & deposit.

Joue White, 12% $23.83

Structured, textured, and lightly saline, with precise layers of fruit. A clean, aromatic nose exudes white flower and fresh rain. The palate transitions from vibrancy to a softer, round mid-palate before culminating in a talcy, textural acidity.

“40% Pinot Gris, 40% Gewurtztraminer and 20% Chardonnay from our estate. A warm, dry summer, followed by a cool, cloudy autumn. Permaculture and dry-farming practiced in the vineyard, on glacial stone and loam soils. The varietals were harvested by hand, sorted and foot stomped. They were left on skins for 8 hours and then whole-bunch pressed without sulphur. Fermentation by indigenous yeast was completed in old French oak barriques. The wine was left to age on primary lees, without battonage until just before bottling. Nothing has been added to this wine, no yeast, enzymes, nutrients, or S02. Unfined and unfiltered.”

Joue Red, 11.5% $23.83

Juicy, bright and exuding perfume and expressive fruit. Contrasting structural and textural elements render this a refined, highly consumable red.

“The fruit came into the winery almost exploding with freshness. To harness that we fermented it all whole bunch and in stainless steel vats with no yeast, enzymes, nutrients or S02 added. After two and a half weeks we pressed the wine off and aged in stainless steel tanks. The resulting wine had intense perfume and incredible fruit intensity but lacked a bit of structure. To compensate for this used an technique from Veneto in Italy to naturally build some structure back into the wine. The 2019 Somenos Pinot had plenty of structure, so much so that when pressing we cut the press cycle short at 1 bar. When we dumped the press the marc (skins and stems from ferment) still had plenty of material and goodness left in it. Not wanting to waste this we added the wine from the Joue back into and onto of these skins, left it over night and pressed it the next day. So essentially a Vancouver Island version of ripasso. Not only did this build structure and texture to the wine, but it gave another level of complexity and depth to the perfume and fruit profile.”

Joue Rosé, 12.5% $23.83

Not for the faint of heart: a powerful, intense blend, full of bright fruit flavour, balanced with a dried-flower savouriness. This not-so-little number will entice you towards another bite of food, another sip of wine, repeat.

“A warm, dry summer, followed by a cool, cloudy autumn. Estate-grown, using permaculture and dry-farming, on glacially deposited stone and gravel soils. Pinot Noir and Foch were pressed-off, and de-stemmed wholeberry Gewurz and Pinot Gris were added on top of the red juice. A red ferment in essence, but with a cap of white berries. It was punched down about once daily, then pressed-off, blended and left in tank on primary lees until bottling. No yeast, nutrients, enzymes, or sulphites added; unfiltered and unfined.”

Somenos 2018 Pinot Noir, $43.57

Pretty and perfumed, the red and dark fruit in this wine maintain freshness, while spice and savoury character offer dimension and complexity. These elements are supported with persistent acidity and ripe, seamless tannins.

“A favourable warm, moderate growing season. Estate-grown, using permaculture and dry-farming, on glacially deposited stone and gravel, and sandy-loam soils. Burgundian clones 667 and 777. 100% Whole-bunch fermented in a 6-ton French oak vat. No pump-over, only pigeage. The ferment is tasted daily and a cap management strategy is dependent on taste. Pigeage is typically 1-2 times a day; in the height of 3 times if there isn’t too much extraction. Elevage occurred in French oak barriques (8% new, 62% 1yr and 30% older than 3yrs). No yeast, enzymes or nutrients have been added and it was bottled unfiltered and un-fined. A small Sulphur addition was made just before bottling.”

Somenos 2019 Pinot Gris, $28.26

Brimming with energy, texture and intensity. Lees ageing builds mid-palate density and salinity that counterbalances the fresh fruit and tactile acidity. The freshness and tightness is carried across the palate with a persistent, generous finish.

“Estate-grown, using permaculture and dry farming, on glacially deposited stone and gravel, and sandy-loam soils. A cooler vintage: the fruit comes from a well exposed part of the vineyard that consistently has more concentration and depth. Fruit foot-stomped and left on skins overnight. Spontaneous fermentation carried out in mostly old oak barrels (85%), 1yr old barrels (10%) and new barrels (5%). Aged in original vessel for 18 months on primary lees without battonage.”

For this BC Wine Feature: Averill Creek August Feature Wine Mail Package, we’re offering one of each of these 5 wines for $143.57 + tax & deposit for a total of $165.10 with FREE local delivery.

Feel free to call 250-995-2665 to customize an order or visit our Online Store to build your own basket.


  • Joue Red, 2020 (11.5%)
  • Joue White, 2019 (12%)
  • Joue Rosé, 2019 (12.5%)
  • Somenos 2018 Pinot Noir (13%)
  • Somenos 2019 Pinot Gris (13%)
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Wine Mail #29: Tightrope Winery

Tightrope wines are produced from the finest wine grape growing soils in Canada. With the mild winters and hot-hot-hot summers the Naramata Bench makes for the perfect local to grow spectacular wine grapes. Located along the east side of Okanagan Lake, just north of Penticton, the Tightrope Vineyard captures maximum sun for grape ripening and sugar content, while encouraging gentle airflow amongst the rows of leafy vines. The tranquil summer days are like the contented sigh of Mother Nature as the grapes progress through veraison towards the long golden days of harvest.

Tightrope Winery has two estate vineyards on the Naramata Bench, both certified sustainable. Our home vineyard, the Fleet Road Vineyard was purchased in 2007, from the Du Vent family. Originally it was an apple orchard that we spent a lot of time and effort converting to a vineyard. We did extensive land contouring to improve air flow and accessibility. It was planted over a two-year period from 2007 to 2008. While the property itself is 10 acres, there is a total of 7 acres under vine. It is farmed exclusively according to a sustainability plan.

The main varieties of grapes planted are Riesling, Viognier, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Merlot with small plantings of both Cabernet Franc and Barbera. Up until 2012 our grapes were sold to various BC wineries and you may have tasted our grapes in wines from Joie, Road 13, Ruby Blues Winery, Domaine de Chaberton and Mission Hill.” – Tightrope Winery

We’re excited to offer these balanced, crisp and nuanced wines at a great price for the month of July. The below 4 wines are featured at $1.50 OFF/bottle, Sauv/Sem, Rosé & Riesling all just $21.74 + tax & dep. with the Syrah discounted to $37.80 + tax & dep.

Tightrope, 2020 Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon, $21.74 + tax & dep.

Unoaked – This wine is reminiscent of a traditional white Bordeaux finishing dry, fresh & crisp. In the glass: white peach, gooseberry, dried mango, tangerine, lime, subtle grassy notes; dry, fresh & crisp.

Tightrope, 2019 Riesling, $21.74 + tax & dep.

Unoaked – Dry with a crisp, lingering finish. In the glass: orange blossom, apricot, green apple, pink grapefruit, nectarine & mandarin orange with a touch of minerality.

Tightrope, 2020 Rosé, $21.74 + tax & dep.

Containing: 75% Pinot Noir, 20% Syrah, 5% Barbera. Aromas of strawberry, cranberry, huckleberry, yellow grapefruit and a hint of spice; complex, dry and crisp. It is the perfect summer sipper.

Tightrope, 2018 Syrah, $38.00 + tax & dep.

Heavier – On the nose, violets, black pepper, blueberry & blackberry. Flavours of plum, anise, & blackcurrant along with, tobacco, & leather. All balanced with soft, silky tannins. A 3% dash of Viognier added.

For this BC Wine Feature: Tightrope Winery, Wine Mail Package, we’re offering one of each of these 4 wines for $103.62 + tax & deposit for a total of $119.10 with FREE local delivery.

Feel free to call 250-995-2665 to customize an order or visit our Online Store to build your own basket.


  • Rosé, 2020 - 12.5%
  • Riesling, 2019 - 13.4%
  • Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon, 2020 - 12.8%
  • Syrah, 2018 - 13.8%
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Beer Mail #96: Summer Sippers(Sold-out)

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We hope your summer is off to a roaring start, and here are a few beers that we think could help it along in the right direction! …

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Beer Mail #95: Rad Dad Box(Sold-out)

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With Fathers day coming up this weekend, we decided to theme this box around the special guys in our lives.

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Wine Mail #28: Plot Box

Plot Wines is a small winery in the Okanagan Valley created by vigneron Kevin Rossion, and creative entrepreneur Adam Kereliuk. Our name is a nod to our approach of sourcing an ever-changing roster of fruit from small plots of land – from our neighbours and partner growers across the valley. Using minimal intervention and a low-tech approach, our wines are a reflection of where they come from and have been guided, not forced, to their final state.” – Plot

“Plot was among our most popular wines last time around so it is worth grabbing a Plot Box or select products while you have the chance” – David Alvarez, GM & Wine Buyer

Plot Wines, Haze 2020

“Bright, dry, and hazy with notes of young, crunchy peach and green apple skin – this blend is like taking a sunny walk through a lemongrass field while sipping a gooseberry margarita. Each varietal in ‘haze’ spent a week on its skins before being wild-fermented in barrel. If you loved our Sauv Blanc from previous years, this blend is where it went in 2020 – making HAZE dangerously crushable.”

Plot Wines, Orange No.2 2020

Our signature orange wine. This hand-harvested, hand-destemmed, wild-fermented Gewürztraminer Muscat blend spent a fortnight on skins. Hazy, golden-orange, unfiltered, and very similar to our 2019 vintage – you’ll get bursts of mandarin, peach and orange peel as you wake from a daydream that feels like drinking witbier on a sunny patio.

Plot Wines, Malbec Rosé 2020

This wild-fermented rosé conjures summer memories of watermelon candies from the corner store. It tastes like saline guava, herbal tea leaf, and explosive pomegranate. There’s a LOT going on with this one, and it’s definitely not your average crisp, light rose. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, you’ll find a nice dynamic texture and dry finish. Chill, shake lightly, and enjoy!

Plot Wines, Chardonnay 2019

This Chardonnay was split in two after picking, with 60% being barrel fermented in French oak and later moved to stainless steel, and the other 40% fermented in stainless steel and moved to French oak for 12 months. With perfect balance and acidity, this dry, unfiltered gem will have you drifting between notes of honeysuckle, preserved lemon pastry, pineapple, and expressive stone fruit.

Plot Wines, Merlot 2019

This wild-fermented beauty is reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry pie with aromas of baking spice still lingering in the air. The palate is lively with a punch of raspberry, contrasted by dark and brooding notes of cacao and star anise on the finish. The grapes for this medium-bodied Merlot came from three cooler-climate sites, contributing to its bright acidity and ‘drink-now’ style.

Plot Wines, Neighbour Red Blend 2018

Neighbour is our signature red blend from five different South Okanagan plots. Each varietal was wild-fermented using only native yeasts found in the air and on the grapes. Just as you might expect from a slightly odd neighbour and winemaker, this classic French blend has a little bit of Spain in it… with a 2% addition of Tempranillo. The nose is loaded with blackberry, leather, plum, and black currant. It has an assertiveness in its youth, with great tannins and rounded oak that will continue to evolve nicely – if you choose to lay it down.

For this Plot Box, Wine Mail Package, we’re offering one of each of these 6 wines for $205.07 plus tax & deposit for a total of $235.75 with FREE local delivery.

Feel free to call 250-995-2665 to customize an order or visit our Online Store to build your own basket.


  • Plot Wines, Haze 2020
  • Plot Wines, Orange No.2 2020
  • Plot Wines, Malbec Rosé 2020
  • Plot Wines, Chardonnay 2019
  • Plot Wines, Merlot 2019
  • Plot Wines, Neighbour Red Blend 2018
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