Sauce Hound July Newsletter: Hot Picks For Cooling Off In Summer

Is there anything better than summer in Victoria? The weather’s great, there’s so much going on and the evening light seems to go on and on. It’s the best time to be outside on Vancouver Island, whether you’re on a patio, camping or out for a picnic. While our staff picks for July take all this into consideration, they are also a bit on the eclectic side—just like the staff who chose them.

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Sauce Hound June Newsletter: Craft Spirits Are Big in BC

In Cocktails or On the Rocks
BC craft spirits are a great local choice
Craft beer is not the only beverage experiencing a revolution right now. There is an abundance of craft-made spirits—from Gin to Rye—being distilled right here in BC. We have an extensive selection of these small-batch, artisanal spirits currently in stock and are always looking for new producers.

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Sauce Hound May Newsletter: Sunny Forecast For Spring Sips

This is an exciting time for both wine and craft beer—two of our favourite things, for sure. The craft beer world continues to grow and evolve and it’s been an exciting adventure to keep up with it all. One trend we’ve noticed (and we like) is the gradual move away from “everyday” beers in 650ml bombers.

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Sauce Hound March Newsletter: Don’t Drink Green Beer

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and as a public service, we’re offering some alternatives to going out and drinking overpriced “green” beer (food dye in a pale lager) at an overcrowded bar. If you’re looking to cut loose on March 17, how about celebrating all things Irish with some of these products?

Not surprisingly, we sell more Guinness on St.

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Sauce Hound Newsletter: Which Craft Beers Say “I Love You”?

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When we say that we have your Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac, we mean it literally! Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiaque Cocoa and Vanilla Stout is a gorgeously silky stout brewed with organic fair trade cocoa and high-quality vanilla beans.

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Sauce Hound Newsletter: Have You Tried…?

Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were filled with lots of good cheer. We are excited about what’s to come in 2015. Later this month (Jan. 29, to be specific) we will kick off the new year with an Extreme Beer Tasting at the Whole Beast & Village Butcher in Oak Bay. Details about that will follow in an upcoming event-specific newsletter.

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