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Sauce Hound Newsletter December 2015: Gift Ideas For the Naughty & the Nice

Sure, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the most insane, chaotic and, yes, stressful. But we can help you alleviate at least some of that nuttiness with our amazing selection of craft beer, our carefully selected wines (most of which are in that $15 to $35 sweet spot) and our great array of artisanal spirits.

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#WineWednesday Arrivals: Aug. 26

Not a lot of new stuff for #winewednesday but these are some pretty interesting wines. Of particular note is the Clos des Fous pinot noir, which is from a newish winery intent on exploring “extreme terroir” in Chile. The Languedoc blend from Gérard Bertrand is a great value wine from Southern France, a finessed combination of syrah and grenache that has some power behind it.

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#WineWednesday Arrivals: Aug. 5

It’s been nearly a month since our last #winewednesday update because the new arrivals slowed a bit in July. We have as much wine as ever, we just weren’t adding too many new bottles. There were some, though, and they are all in that $15 to $35 sweet spot that most of our wines are priced at. Check out these beauties from France, Italy, Argentina, Australia and right here in BC.

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Sauce Hound July Newsletter: Hot Picks For Cooling Off In Summer

Is there anything better than summer in Victoria? The weather’s great, there’s so much going on and the evening light seems to go on and on. It’s the best time to be outside on Vancouver Island, whether you’re on a patio, camping or out for a picnic. While our staff picks for July take all this into consideration, they are also a bit on the eclectic side—just like the staff who chose them.

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#WineWednesday Arrivals: July 8

Most of our wines are priced in that $15 to $35 sweet spot, but we do carry wines outside of this range. Regardless of the price—high or low—we always aim to give you excellent bang for your buck. So, if you’re going a little outside your comfort zone price-wise, we like to think you’re going to get a wine that drinks like a much more expensive one. It’s all about great value.

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#WineWednesday Arrivals: June 24

There are some great values in this week’s new arrivals.  We have a trio of new French wines all priced at $17 or below! Also a gorgeous Italian passito wine—a sweeter red made from dried grapes—arrived this week from Italy.

Le Jaja de Jau Syrah rosé (France) $12.90

Domaine Barsalou Cuvée Flore (France) $12.90

Montagnac “Les Mouginels” Picpoul de Pinet (France) $16.

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#WineWednesday Arrivals: June 17

Lots of new stuff arrived this week, with a whole array of great price points.If you love Spanish wines, we got some real beauties in. Check out the lovely Corazon Loco labels, and the Barahonda wines offer incredible value. If you’re exploring the world of natural wines, try the new Lock & Worth Cab Franc Rosé.

Corazon Loco White (Spain) $14.90
Corazon Loco Rosé (Spain) $14.

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Wine Wednesday New Arrivals: June 10

A trio of interesting new arrivals showed up recently. We have a lovely new rosé from Italy that’s perfectly timed for patio sipping—and a great price-point to boot. Then there’s a gorgeous, huge Cab Sauv from Asutralia made in the Amarone style (fermented from grapes that had previously been dried).

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Start the May Long Weekend at Cook St. Liquor

No guarantee that the sunny weather we’ve had recently will come back, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the long weekend like it’s the middle of summer. These are some of the longest days of sunlight of the year and you can still grill outside if it’s 17° and partly cloudy (as the forecast predicts…).

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Wine Wednesday: May 13

We “saved up” our smattering of new releases to do a more substantial post showcasing the variety of wines that have arrived over the last few weeks. Two that we are particularly in love with are the beautiful wines from BC’s Synchromesh. We never get very much of these when they show up, but we are always happy to receive them.

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