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We just need the last four digits of your phone number, first and last name and an email address. When you make a purchase, just give us the last four digits of your phone number.

Here’s What You Get
• Points!
• Our monthly email newsletter

Here’s How It Works
For every $4 you spend (before tax) you accrue 1 point.

Ways to Redeem Points
• Take $5 off your bill once you accrue 100 points.
• Check out our in-store “Rewards Area” where we’ll have the latest swag and cool items, big and small! You can redeem your points at the till for them.
• Browse our list of concert tickets and “big ticket” items below and contact us via email at info (at) cookstliquor dot com to use your points to order them, or request them in-store.

Rewards That Rock!

Our Loyalty Program members who signed up early have been collecting points for months and we can now reveal the killer rewards we're offering! This is just the first taste of what will be an ever-changing lineup of Rewards ranging from VIP concert tickets for local music festivals to fun seasonal...…
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