Craft Beer Spotlight: 8 Wired & Renaissance From New Zealand

In the last couple of years New Zealand has slowly started to creep across the craft beer world’s consciousness as a result of the wonderfully exotic hop varieties grown there. North American brewers have started using Nelson Sauvin and others in their brews, and locally Lighthouse Brewing has been incorporating heaps of Kiwi hops in beers like Tasman Ale.

However, you can’t beat the efforts of Kiwi craft brewers such as 8 Wired and Renaissance when it comes to spotlighting their locally grown hops. We have some new additions to the store from these breweries that will not only give you a taste of what hops from that area are all about, they also demonstrate just how skilled Kiwi craft brewers are. Stop in and pick some of these up!

8 Wired Superconductor Double IPA 500ml
Renaissance Elemental Porter 500ml
Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale 500ml
Renaissance MPA Double IPA 500ml