Craft Beer Tasting Notes: April 12

Last week was one of our biggest weeks as far as new arrivals go. And most of what landed was locally brewed here in BC. BC beer keeps getting better and better and there’s more and more of it out there. We also got some key new arrivals from Burdock in Toronto (great stuff if you like wild ales and saisons) and Unibroue in Quebec—the much talked about A Tout Le Monde Dry Hopped Saison, brewed in conjunction with the band Megadeth.

Moon Under Water Copper Kettle Sour Mango 6% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a rich orange-yellow colour. Bright lemony citrus and perfumey mango on the nose. Notes of dried, unsweetened mango, grapefruit pith and a nice sweet/tart balance on the palate.

Woodland Empire Set ’em Wild Juniper Rye Berliner Weisse 4% 650ml (Idaho)
Pours a cloudy peach flesh colour. Foresty, earthy, herbal and spicy on the nose. Bold acidity with a bit of malty sweetness, earthy juniper, spicy rye and grainy malt on the palate.

Ravens/Steel + Oak Collaboration Graff 6% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a deep golden yellow colour. A hint of candy apple and sweet malt notes on the nose. Malt and apple sweetness on the palate with a bitter finish. A unique brew with just a hint of apple.

Yellow Dog Pack Leader Pilsner 4.9% 4pk (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a bright lemon yellow colour. A bit of dank hops with clean, grainy malt notes on the nose. Fresh and clean on the palate with classic notes of grassy hops and a touch of malt sweetness. Crisp finish.

Yellow Dog Retriever Golden Ale 4.8% 4pk (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a deep golden yellow colour. Light citrus and stone fruit notes on the nose. Notes of graham cracker malt, honey and a touch of fruit. Light, pleasant, easy-drinking.

Steamworks Summer Ale 4.8% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy lemon yellow colour. Bright candied citrus notes of orange and lemon on the nose. Dry on the palate with tart lemon and orange notes, a bit of spice and a bitter finish.

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale 7% 355ml (Japan)
Pours a muddy orange/red brown colour. Sweet notes of strawberry jam and cotton candy on the nose. Creamy on the palate with unique notes of strawberry candy, sweet malt and a hint of booze, a hint of bitterness on the finish.

Unibroue A Tout Le Monde Dry Hopped Saison 4.5% 750ml (Quebec)
Pours a hazy pale yellow-white colour. Notes of perfumey lemon, brett funk and saison spice on the nose. Dry and crisp on the palate with refreshing notes of spice, herbs and citrus.

Burdock Ero 7.8% 500ml (Toronto, ON)
Pours a cloudy pink grapefruit juice colour. Uber fruity on the nose with notes of bubblegum, ripe berries and saison spice. Tart funk notes on the palate with notes of berries, licorice, saison spice and a bit of bitterness on the finish.

Burdock Clean Saison 4.7% 650ml (Toronto, ON)
Pours a hazy pale lemon yellow colour. Notes of yogurt and funk on the nose. Slightly savoury on the palate with notes of apples, saison spice and citrus. A small beer with big flavour.

Moon Under Water This Is Hefeweizen 5.5% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a hazy golden yellow colour. Typical traditional Bavarian hefewerizen notes of fruit, clove, spice and citrus on the nose. The palate is a bit light-bodied with flavors of spice/clove, tart fruit, bubblegum and a nice dry finish. Very drinkable and pleasant. 

Phillips Scythe Matters Imperial Hefeweizen 7.2% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours an orange-yellow colour. Oddly muted palate with notes of orange citrus and hard candy. Sweet, a bit of hefe spice, hoppy bitterness and booze.

Powell Ode to Wallflower 6.2% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a copper orange colour. Notes of juicy citrus, bergamot and bubblegum notes on the nose. Aromatic botanical notes of juniper and citrus on the palate with a hint of booze.

Steel + Oak Blackthorn Strong Ale 6.8% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a chestnut orange-brown colour. Aromas of dried fruit, brown sugar and sweet malt on the nose. Sweet and strong with notes of butterscotch, caramel and dried dark fruit.

Yellow Dog/Steel + Oak Karaoke Showdown Hoppy Doppelbock 8.1% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a bright copper orange colour. Bright, sweet citrus hop notes on the nose. Sweet and malty on the palate with candied citrus hop notes and boozy finish.

Ravens Clayburn Smoked Scotch Ale 7.5% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a dark chestnut brown. Savoury smoke and molasses notes on the nose. Savoury and smoky with notes of smoked meat and sweet malt.

Fuggles & Warlock/Doan’s Super Smash Brewers IPA 6.4% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a bright lemon yellow colour. Resinous notes of sweet mango and passion fruit on the nose. Soft tropical fruit notes, juicy citrus and resinous hops on the palate. Fruit bomb!

Superflux Happyness IPA 7% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy rich yellow colour. Bright notes of pine, citrus peel and dank cannabis on the nose. Similar notes on the palate with big carbonation. Nice cross between old school/new school IPAs.

Coronado Guava Islander IPA 7% 650ml (San Diego, CA)
Pours a deep golden yellow colour. Sweet, fruity guava notes on the nose. Big tropical fruit notes of guava and citrus on the palate with a nice bitter finish.

Coronado Stingray Double IPA 7.9% 650ml (San Diego, CA)
Pours a clear deep golden yellow colour. Sweet grapefruit hop notes and booze on the nose. Boozy on the palate with notes of tropical fruit, juicy citrus and a bitter finish.

Woodland Empire Gold Days Tripel 9% 650ml (Idaho)
Pours a hazy orange colour. Fruity apple cider and pineapple notes on the nose. Sweet, fruity and exotic on the palate with notes of orchard fruit and booze.