Craft Beer Tasting Notes: April 19

Anyone who’s a regular customer or follows us on social media knows that due to our small store space and desire to keep up with all the great new craft beer available out there, we frequently have way more beer in stock than we can put on our shelves. So, we put up our #BeerInTheBack chalkboard to let people know what we have that isn’t on our shelves or in our fridge. Well, the backlog has gotten so big that we need to make some room. That means we are, for a limited time, clearance pricing dozens of beers and ciders. Look for the bright orange “Blowout” tags and remember, these deals won’t be around for long.

Now onto the new stuff!

Four Winds Sour Weisse 3.5% 4pk (Delta, BC)
Pours a hazy white-yellow colour. Funky yogurt and sour citrus notes on the nose. Fresh yogurt acidity on the palate with notes of mango and citrus and a hint of grainy malt.

Beau’s Dark Helmüt Imperious Schwarzbier 7.3% 500ml (Ontario)
Pours a deep black-brown colour. Intense notes of espresso, dark chocolate and black olives on the nose. Creamy and rich on the palate with big flavours of bitter espresso and dark chocolate.

Beau’s Dunkel 5.7% 500ml (Ontario)
Pours a mahogany red colour. Big malt notes of brown sugar and dark fruit on the nose. Roasty dark malt notes of bitter cocoa and creamy butterscotch on the palate with a nice light body.

Driftwood The Last Aurochs Weizenbock 8% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a reddish-orange chestnut colour. Sweet notes of banana bread, brown sugar and baking spice on the nose. Sweet, spicy and boozy on the palate, with a hint of Bananas Foster.

Fuggles & Warlock Super 8-Bit IPA 7% 650ml (Richmond, BC)
Pours an orange-brown colour. The nose is bursting with ripe citrus and fruit notes. Plenty of fruit notes on the palate with plentiful balancing malt. Finishes bitter.

Steamworks Flagship IPA 6.7% 6pk (Vancouver)
Pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour. Aromas of guava, berries, dank cannabis and bright citrus on the nose. Big tropical fruit notes with a bit of pine as well. Creamy and not too bitter.