Craft Beer Tasting Notes: April 27

So much good new stuff! Last week was a little thin, so we held over those few beers for this post. Our can selection continues to grow and don’t forget that you get a 5% discount when you buy four single cans! You can make your own custom 4-pk and try a few different brews. Also, be sure to sign up for our Customer Loyalty Program where you can earn points toward concert tickets, swag or even get money off your bill!

Also, we are starting to host in-store tastings. This weekend (today and Saturday) we will have Merridale (May 4) and Salt Spring Wild (May 5) pouring their ciders in celebration of BC Cider Week. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for upcoming announcements regarding in-store tastings.

Brekeriet Berliner Spazz 5.3% 330ml (Sweden)
Pours a hazy pale yellow colour. Passion fruit, ginger spice and hint of vanilla on the nose. Big tart passion fruit notes, good acidity, refreshing and light bodied.
Brekeriet Berliner Razz 5.3% 330ml (Sweden)
Cloudy pale cranberry red colour. Floral raspberry and hint of vanilla on the nose. Big tart fresh raspberry notes, good acidity, refreshing and light bodied.
Brekeriet Wrapped in Red 5.6% 330ml (Sweden)
Cloudy raspberry red colour. Tart cherry and raspberry notes on the nose. Notes of very sour red berries. Good acidity, light bodied.

Les Trois Mousquetaires Ceci N’est Pas Une Gueuze 5.5% 750ml (Quebec)
Pours a clear golden yellow colour. Notes of cider vinegar, oak, honey and funk on the nose. Oak, vinegar, sweet malt, tart acidity—interesting and complex. Big carbonation.

Brickers Sidra de Mayo Mexican Gose Cider 6.1% 500ml (Sechelt, BC)
Pours a pale lemon yellow colour. Notes of sweet apple and spicy jalapeno on the nose. Ripe apple, hint of spice and kiss of salt. Delicious!
Brickers Frambo Cider 6.2% 500ml (Sechelt, BC)
Pours a burnt cherry red colour. Raspberry candy and sweet apple notes on the nose. Sweet raspberry, dry apple notes. Light bodied, refreshing.

Corsaire Queen Anee’s Revenge Witbier 4.9% 473ml (Quebec)
Pours a hazy cherry red colour. Light bodied, with hint of hibiscus tartness. Subtle notes of earthy, grainy malt.
Corsaire Tanaka Wheat Beer With Ginger 4.6% 473ml (Quebec)
Pours a hazy white-yellow colour. Notes of grainy malt and ginger on the nose. Ginger spice, grainy malt. Light bodied and spicy.

Field House/Coast Mountain Field Beer 6.8% 650ml (BC)
Pours a clear deep golden yellow colour. Earthy and floral with notes of beet juice and potato skin on the nose. Earthy, vegetal and spicy with notes of beet and potato and a hint of sweetness. Bitter finish.   

Strathcona All That and Then Some Pale Ale With Mosaic 4.7% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a golden yellow colour. Mosaic hop notes of over-ripe tropical fruit and berries on the nose. Sweet up front with big good spice/pine/fruit melange. Light, with dry finish.

Twin Sails Participation Ribbon American Pale Ale 4.6% 473ml (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a hazy pale yellow colour. Typical notes of tropical fruit and spice on the nose. Sweet on the palate with grainy, earthy, piney notes. Light bodied.

Moon Dimebag Sour Key IPA 6.66% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a golden yellow colour. Notes of cannabis and fruity candy on the nose. Big sour key fruit notes; sweet with a bit of funk. Fun and tasty!

Beau’s Full Time IPA 6.7% 600ml (Ontario)
Pours a golden yellow colour. Notes of sweet malt, light fruit and citrus on the nose. Sweet, spicy and boozy with light fruit and pine.
Beau’s Cavalier Bleu Blueberry IPA 6% 600ml (Ontario)
Pours a hazy blueberry colour. Sweet blueberry pie and malt aromas. A bit tart on the palate with notes of earthy blueberry and tropical fruit and a bitter finish.

Parallel 49 Trash Panda Hazy IPA 5.5% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a cloudy orange colour. Dank, juicy tropical fruit and cannabis hop notes on the nose. Juicy tropical and citrus fruit notes on the palate. Low bitterness, soft mouthfeel.
Parallel 49 Jerkface 9000 NW Wheat Ale 5% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a light yellow colour. Big fruit basket notes on the nose. Light-bodied and easy-drinking on the palate with sweet tropical fruit notes. Good bitter finish.
Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty IPA 7.2% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a copper orange colour. Bright, juicy tropical fruit and spice notes on the nose. Clean, sweet and light (for its size) with juicy citrus, pine and spice notes on the palate.

Bad Dogs Dizzy Dog Double IPA 8.3% 473ml (Sooke, BC)
Pours a burnt orange colour. Oodles of ripe fruit and smack of booze on the nose. Big and sweet with great tropical fruit and citrus fruit character on the palate with a boozy, bitter finish.

Glutenberg Double IPA 7% 473ml (Quebec)
Pours a burnt orange/copper colour. Sweet notes of candied orange, blueberries and spicy grains on the nose. Strong hop presence of resin and tropical fruit with hints of spicy ginger. A bit boozy and sweet.

Steel & Oak Wolven 7.7% 500ml (New Westminster, BC)
Pours a dark black-brown colour. Raspberry and roasty/smoky malt notes on the nose. Tart raspberry and bitter dark chocolate on the palate.

Coal Harbour Yeast Van Gin Barrel Aged Double Pale Ale 8% 500ml (Vancouver)
Pours a burnt orange colour. Fruity with gin botanicals, spice and booze on the nose. Sweet, boozy gin notes; citrus and spice.
Coal Harbour Rare Loot Hazy Pale Ale 5.4% 473ml (Vancouver)
Dry citrus, pineapple and bright hops on the nose, bitter grapefruit and a dry, hoppy finish.

Field House Dutch Sour Wit 6% 500ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Sweet wheat and orange on the nose, deliciously sour citrus notes, medium bodied and a dry, tart finish

Powell/Doan’s Back to Basics West Coast IPA 6.6% 473ml (Vancouver)
Crystal clear, tropical fruit, pine and funky resin on the nose, similar on the palate with a great balance of pine resin and bitterness.