Craft Beer Tasting Notes: August 1

Summing up this week’s new arrivals is pretty easy: sours, IPAs and wheat beers. Oh yeah, and one helluva tasty stout from Sierra Nevada. Some great stuff from BC, Oregon, California and even Colorado. It’s a great time to be a craft beer drinker in BC! And if you live in BC, but nowhere near Victoria and want access to all this great beer, our Beer Mail program delivers a case of craft beer bombers (650ml bottles) directly to you!

Strange Fellows Poppinjay West Coast Sour 4.5% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a copper orange colour. Aromas of citrus, herbal hops, funk and minerality on the nose. Hoppy, bitter and a bit of lemony citrus on the palate.

Barkerville Claim Jumper Kettle Sour 4.3% 650ml (Quesnel, BC)
Pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour. Basic tart citrus and malt notes on the nose. Very dry and tart with lemony acidity and a pronounced bitterness on the finish.

Left Hand Good Juju Ale with Ginger 4.5% 355ml (Colorado)
Pours a copper orange colour. Bright, fresh ginger notes. Easy drinking, light-bodied ale with a crisp ginger bite and dry finish.

Faculty 241 MinzeWeizen 5.2% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy orange-yellow colour. Soft mint aromas with fruit and spice yeast notes on the nose. Subtle mint, citrus, and wheat beer spice with a dry finish. Light & refreshing!

Sierra Nevada West Coast Stout 5.8% 355ml (California)
Pours a dark brown-black colour. Big chocolate notes on the nose with bright spicy/fruity hop notes in the background. Smooth, chocolate, coffee and smoke/char notes up front on the palate with hints of dark fruit and a bitter finish.    

Cannery Hop Chowdah New England Style IPA 6.5% 4pk (Penticton)
Pours a cloudy lemon yellow colour. Mega fruity with citrus and ripe tropical fruit notes on the nose. Juicy citrus and tropical fruit notes on the palate with hints of pine and spice.

Crux Cast Out IPA 7.6% 500ml (Bend, OR)
Pours a hazy orange colour. Funky/fruity notes on the nose with big orange/citrus notes. Sweet and boozy with spicy hop notes and plenty of citrus fruit notes.

Left Hand A Blessing & A Curse Double IPA 9.5% 650ml (Colorado)
Pours a clear orange colour. Funky, spicy hop notes on the nose. Sweet and boozy with big caramel malt notes and plenty of hop spice and grapefruit and pine bitterness.