Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Dec. 10

It’s official, the holidays are upon us! We’re ready for it! We have more product in-store than at any point in our 10+ year history. So much great craft beer/craft cider, incredible wines and a selection of spirits that’ll amaze you. Whether you’re looking for gifts or something for your holiday party, we can help you out. We have stocking stuffers, Gift Cards and, of course, flowers, wreaths and other festive arrangements in our Cook St. Greenery!

Plus, if you join our Loyalty Program, all the money you spend over the holidays can be earning you points to redeem for concert tickets, gift cards to Village restaurants, cool swag and even cash off your next purchase!

And now, onto the new craft beer!

Steel & Oak Towers & Trains Earl Grey IPA 6.2% 473ml (New Westminster, BC)
Pours a rich golden yellow colour. Pleasant floral citrus notes on the nose. A touch sweet with orange bergamot notes and a mildly bitter finish.
Twin Sails x Four Winds Dance Off Pink Guava Berliner 4.2% 473ml (BC)
Pours a cloudy pale pink colour. Huge floral guava notes on the nose. Juicy, floral guava notes on the palate. Very light bodied, with good tartness. Dry finish
Brassneck x Superflux x Gigantic Correctamundo Cannoli-Inspired Porter 7% 473ml (BC/OR)
Pours a black-brown colour. Big notes of chocolate, vanilla, burnt raisons and nuts on the nose. Sweet with notes of chocolate, nuts, vanilla and coffee on the dessert-like palate. Dessert in a glass!
Strathcona Love Buzz Winter Sour 4.2% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy pale orange-yellow colour. Notes of tart stone fruit on the nose. Big acidity on the palate with notes of sour apricot and peach and a dry finish.

Dageraad Lekkers Belgian Dark Ale With Orange Peel 5.5% 473ml (Burnaby, BC)
Pours a dark mahogany brown coloure colour. Notes of chocolate, spice and orange on the nose. A touch sweet with pleasant notes of chocolate, orange, caramel and spice.
Powell Tropical Daydream Dry Hopped Sour 5.3% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a slightly hazy golden yellow colour. Impressive fruity hop notes on the nose. Juicy tropical fruit and spice notes on the palate. Balanced acidity. Light bodied with a nice tart finish.
Twin Sails Slam Dank IPA 7.5% 473ml (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a cloudy orange colour. Tropical and juicy on the nose. Soft and juicy on the palate, with notes of sweet tropical fruit.
Ravens Equinox Dry Hopped Pale Ale 5.5% 473ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a pale orange-yellow colour. Aromas of juicy citrus and melon on the nose. Good hop spice on the palate with notes of mixed citrus and citrus peel. Light-bodied and dry with a bitter finish.

Steel + Oak Nightcap Cranberry Oarnge Belgian 6.1% 650ml (New Westminster, BC)
Pours cloudy pale pink colour. Notes of orange peel and Belgian yeast spice on the nose. Creamy and rich with pleasant dark roasted malt notes like espresso and dark chocolate.

Townsite Biere d’Hiver Dubbel 7.5% 650ml (Powell River, BC)
Pours a deep chestnut brown colour. Amazing nutty chocolate, caramel and toffee notes on the nose. On the palate it offers burnt raisin and spice notes, a little booze and nice malty roundness. Clean, tasty and warming. Perfect for the season.

Sooke Oceanside Fight In the Dog Scotch Ale 6% 650ml (Sooke, BC)
Pours a chestnut brown colour. Notes of chocolate, smoke and caramel on the nose. A bit sweet with notes of peat, caramel, malt and chocolate.

Ninkasi Oatis Vanilla Oatmeal Stout 7% 650ml (Eugene, OR)
Pours a black coffee colour. Smoke, chocolate and vanilla notes on the nose. Creamy chocolate and vanilla notes. Hints of toasted marshmallow and smoke. Great stout!
Persephone 2017 Barrel Aged Barley Wine 10.9% 650ml (Gibsons, BC)
Pours a chestnut red-brown colour. Malty, bready and boozy on the nose with notes of toffee and caramel. Big, sweet and boozy with notes of caramel, vanilla and bourbon.

Field House Bourbon & Oak Infused Salted Black Porter 6.8% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a black-brown colour. Notes of savoury smoke, caramel, vanilla and chocolate on the nose. A bit boozy on the palate with notes of bourbon, roasty malt chocolate and a kiss of salt on the finish. Complex and delicious.
Field House Passionfruit Simcoe IPA 6% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a cloudy orange juice colour. Notes of dank hops and juicy passionfruit on the nose. Complex and hoppy on the palate with notes of grapfruit, passionfruit, pine and spice. Slightly tart dry finish.
Also available: Field House New Zealand Wild IPA & American Wild IPA

Category 12 Big Data Double Juicy IPA 8.5% (Saanich, BC)
Pours a deep, rich orange-yellow colour. Juicy, ripe tropical fruit and hop spice notes on the nose. Similar on the palate with a blancing bitter finish and a touch of booze.
Ninkasi Total Domination IPA 6.7% 650ml (Eugene, OR)
Pours a rich golden yellow colour. Plenty of big hop notes of resin, pine and citrus fruit notes on the palate. A hint of sweetness up front that is balanced by a big bitter finish. This is a big, hoppy NW-style IPA.
Parallel 49 Toques of Hazzard Double White IPA 9.2% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a clear golden yellow colour. Notes of funky Belgian yeast spice and citrusy fruit on the nose. Boozy, spicy, yeasty and fruity on the palate. Balanced bitter finish. 

Phillips Brut Force Champagne IPA 7% 473ml (Victoria)
Pours a bright, clear pale yellow. Hop funk, melon and white wine notes on the nose. On the palate it’s dry, finely carbonated with light fruit notes and a crisp, dry finish.

Field House Mango Citra IPA 6.2% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a cloudy orange juice colour. Notes of mango and ripe tropical fruit on the nose. Huge, juicy tropical fruit notes on the palate, led by the sweet mango. A bit of spice, and a dry finish.

Bad Dog Dog’s Breakfast Anniversary Ale Hazy IPA 6.5% 473ml (Sooke, BC)
Pours a cloudy burnt orange colour. Subtle tropical fruit notes on the nose with notes of caramel and oak. Juicy fruit and spice notes on the palate. Soft mouthfeel, easy-drinking!

Boombox Ultra Deluxe IPA 6.5% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a slightly hazy orange-yellow colour. Orange, citrus peel and sweet tropical notes on the nose. Soft, sweet and mega fruity on the palate with tons of tropical fruit and a bit of spice.

Driftwood 2018 Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine 10% (Victoria)
Pours a copper orange colour. Boozy and aromatic with bright notes of cannabis and citrus on the nose. Big and bitter on the palate, with an abundance of fruity hop notes. Long finish. Boozy.
Also available: Driftwood 2016 & 2017 Old Cellar Dweller Barley Wine