Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Dec. 14

We regularly post tasting notes from our Friday Staff Tasting, providing you with our take on all the latest craft beer arrivals. This week we received several variations on the Belgian strong golden ale style that are pretty unique and delicious. And also big! Some smaller, darker beers showed up as well, so we have a nice balance!

And remember, if you pick up four of any craft beer bombers, you’ll get a free bomber carrier (pictured below). Bring it back and fill it up again,  and you’ll get 5% off that purchase. Keep bringing it back and filling it up and keep saving.


Lastly, don’t forget to check the #BeerInTheBack chalk board if you come into the store can’t find something we’ve written about here. It’s probably still in the back, since we always seem to have more beer than we know what to do with. A staff member would be happy to get some for you!

bridge the grinch

Bridge The Grinch Winter Ale 6.5% 650ml (N. Vancouver)
Rich notes of roast coffee, chocolate and fresh mint on the nose. Festive notes of peppermint patty mint chocolates, dark roast coffee and dark chocolate bitterness on the palate.

begbie brave liver scotch ale

Mt. Begbie Brave Liver Scotch Ale 6.5% 650ml (Revelstoke)
Pours a chestnut brown colour with orange tints. Muted notes of caramel and chocolate on the nose. Very malt-forward on the palate with sweet notes of grainy rye bread, toffee and dark fruit and a hint of booze. Balanced, bitter finish.

saison du pinacle

Brasserie Dunham Saison du Pinacle 6.5% 750ml (Quebec)
Pours a clear, rich yellow colour. Very complex on the nose with notes of cannabis, funk, lemon and fresh basil. Savoury fresh herbs, funk and citrus on the palate. Very bitter finish. Incredible.

moon dark side moody smoked porter

Moon Under Water Dark Side of the Moon Oatmeal Stout 4.2% 4-pk tall cans (Victoria)
Pours a hazy chocolate brown colour. Ovaltine, burnt chocolate and smoke on the nose. Charred malt, smoke, dark fruit and coffee notes on the palate. Big flavours, light body.

Yellow Dog Shake a Paw Smoked Porter 5% 4pk tall cans (Port Moody)
Pours a dark cola brown colour. Notes of sweet meaty smoke and soy sauce on the nose. Savoury notes of smoke and meat on the palate with a touch of sweetness. Dry and light, nicely balanced.

stone vertical epic

Stone Epic Vertical 08.08.08 Encore 8.9% 650ml (California)
Pours a clear rich yellow colour. Belgian funk, orchard fruits and tart citrus on the nose. Big pear, apple and Juicy Fruit gum notes on the palate with a drying bitter finish.

dageraad anno 2015

Dageraad Anno 2015 8.5% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy pale golden-yellow colour. Enticing notes of funk, cooked pears and coriander on the nose. It’s very complex on the palate with exotic notes of orchard fruits, pepper, fresh herbs and a nice booziness to the body.


Stone 24 Carrot Golden Ale 8.5% 650ml (California)
Pours a bright, rich yellow colour. Enticing vanilla, banana, raisin and booze notes on the nose. Vanilla, coconut sweet orchard fruits and raisins on the palate. Boozy & delicious.

boulevard long strange tripel

Boulevard Long Strange Tripel 9.2% 750ml (Kansas)
Pours a clear rich yellow colour. Classic pear, apple and spice notes on the nose. Sweet and juicy up front on the palate with some booziness and a drying finish. A perfect tripel.