Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Feb. 8

We regularly post tasting notes from our Friday Staff Tasting, providing you with our take on all the latest craft beer arrivals. Not a lot of new stuff this week, but it was great to see another couple new ones from Phillips, including one of their annual Benefit Brews, which is going to help Dogwood Rescue Society.

We also want to mention that just a handful of tickets remain for our next Extreme Beer with the Beast tasting at Discover Coffee on February, 25. Tickets are $30 and are available directly from us in-store. Detail can be found here. Cheers!


phillips ceral killer dogwood rescue

Phillips Benefit Brew Dogwood Rescue Red Lager 5% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a burnt orange colour. Notes of tea, malty grain and citrus on the nose. Sweet roasty and crackery malt notes on the palate with a dry finish. Uncomplicated.

Phillips Cereal Killer Imp. Rye Lager 7.2% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a burnt orange colour. Round, sweet malt and brown sugar notes on the nose. Sweet, light roasty malt notes on the palate with a hint of fruit and a touch of booze.

bomber moody tam o shanter

Bomber McMoody Tam O’Shanter Wee Heavy 7.8% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a chestnut orange-brown colour. Notes of nuts, dark fruit and raisins on the nose. Cocoa, dried fruit and brown sugar on the palate with quite an earthy, bitter finish. 

four winds triplicity 2016

Four Winds Triplicity 9% 750ml (Delta, BC)
Pours a hazy orange-yellow colour. Banana, corander, fresh herbs & honeyed fruit notes on the nose. Major orchard fruit and sweet honey notes on the palate. Dry, boozy finish. Big carbonation.

gigantic superbad imp coffee stout

Gigantic Imperial Coffee Stout 9% 650ml (Portland)
Pours a dense brown-black colour. Notes of dark roast coffee, chocolate and soy sauce on the nose. On the palate, savoury notes of Moroccan olives and black coffee with a sweet booziness.