Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Jan. 21

With the holiday madness behind us, we’re looking forward to great things to come in 2019! It will be our first full year in our new location. We have lots of great things planned for 2019—you’ll see some changes in the store, as well as lots of cool events and tastings. And our Cook St. Greenery will be the place to get bouquets for St. Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day, as well as spring flowers, plants and cool seasonal items. There aren’t too many occasions where a bottle and bouquet aren’t the perfect gifts.

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Strange Fellows Lord Barleycorn Bourbon Barrel Lager 6.5% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a clear, rich orange colour. Grainy and malty on the nose with hints of vanilla and caramel. Slightly sweet on the palate, with notes of fruit, corn and grainy malt. Barrel influence is subtle. Bitter finish.

Superflux Double Infinity (Vic Secret) DIPA 8% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour. Notes of hop funk, pineapple, cannabis and citrus on the nose. Sweet and boozy on the palate with notes of ripe tropical fruit and hop spice. Soft mouthfeel.
Steel + Oak Blush Rosé Saison 6% 473ml (New Westminster, BC)
Pours a watermelon pink colour. Fruity nose with notes of berries, grape must and saison spice on the nose. Dry and effervescent on the palate (from can-conditioning), with notes of bright berries and tart grapes and saison spice.

Yellow Dog Go Fetch West Coast Hoppy Saison 6.8% 4pk (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a bright lemon yellow colour. Big pepper and cinnamon spice alongside aromatic fruit notes one the nose. Pepper, clove & medicinal spice notes on the palate with fruity hops and a bitter finish.

Salt Spring Island Ales Creme Brulee Vanilla Stour 8% 650ml (Salt Spring Island, BC)
Pours a deep, rich brown/black colour. Lip-smacking notes of vanilla and wet cake ingredients on the nose. On the palate it’s equally delicious with notes of bittersweet chocolate chips, vanilla and marshmallows. Very satisfying dessert beer.
Four Winds Phaedra Belgian-Style Rye IPA 7.2% 650ml (Delta, BC)
Pours a hazy orange-yellow colour. Exotic orange, spice, funk and root beer notes on the nose. Bold and sweet up front on the palate with bright, floral notes of banana, spice and citrus.

Steel + Oak Anvil Imperial Stout 9.2% 500ml (New Westminster, BC)
Pours a deep, rich brown/black colour.  Notes of dark chocolate, smoke, raisins and cocoa on the nose. Sweet and creamy on the palate with boozy notes of chocolate, toasted marshmallow and smoke. Bitter finish.

Cannery Kindling Breakfast Stout 8% 650ml (Penticton, BC)
Pours a deep, rich brown/black colour. Big coffee and dark chocolate notes on the nose. Surprisingly dry on the palate with notes of coffee and chocolate and a bitter finish

Russell Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 10% 355ml (Vancouver)
Pours a deep, rich brown/black colour. Boozy notes of vanilla, caramel and rum on the nose. Sweet, boozy sugar cane rum notes up front with hints of chocolate.

Fernie Rum Barrel Aged Baltic Porter 11.3% 650ml (Fernie, BC)
Pours a deep, rich brown/black colour. Notes of s’mores, chocolate and rum on the nose. Big boozy notes of dark rum, caramel and chocolate. A sipper!