Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Jan. 22

We’re going full speed ahead on our move to our new location at 304 Cook Street, but that means that things are a little chaotic around the store at the moment. We’re still getting new product, though January does tend to be a little slower. And even though we have dismantled and moved our fridge to our new location, we still have some chilled product in some temporary fridges. We’re here at our original location—seven days a week, 10 am to 9 pm—for now, but we’re looking to open at our new location in February. Stay tuned!

Here’s what’s new!

Bad Dog Coco the Chocolate Lab Dark Ale 5% 473ml (Sooke, BC)
Pours a hazy chocolate brown colour. Dark grainy malt and dark chocolate notes on the nose. Smoke, dark chocolate and dark rye notes on the palate. Very dry.

Queensborough Gin Twist 5% 473ml (Surrey, BC)
Clear. Intense gin botanicals and lime note on the nose. Fairly sweet with notes of gin botanicals, cucumber and lime on the palate.

Phillips Phantoma Pomegranate Dark Saison 6.2% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a dark cola colour. Muted notes of coffee, dark chocolate, funk and dark fruit on the nose. Notes of raisins, pomegranate, plums and dark roasty malt on the palate.

Fernie Java the Hut Coffee Milk Stout 5% 650ml (Fernie, BC)
Pours a black-brown colour. Aromas of condensed milk and coffee. Creamy coffee, char, smoke and dark chocolate with a dry finish on the palate.

Four Winds Triplicity Belgian Tripel 9% 750ml (Delta, BC)
Pours a rich orange-yellow colour. Boozy with lush orchard fruit notes on the nose. Major orchard fruit (peach, apple, pear) and sweet honey notes on the palate. Dry, boozy finish. Big carbonation.

St-Ambroise Baltic Porter 8.2% 4pk (Quebec)
Pours a rich black coffee colour. Boozy notes of coffee, dark chocolate, dark rye and soy sauce on the nose. Sweet notes of molasses, raisins and dark chocolate with creamy mouthfeel.

Moody Russian Imperial Stout 9% 473ml (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a rich black coffee colour. Boozy aromas of dark chocolate, briny ocean and soy sauce on the nose. Sweet and rich on the palate with notes of smoke molasses and coffee.

Coal Harbour Market Saturation IPA 7.2% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy pale orange-yellow colour. Juicy pineapple, orange and guava notes on the nose with a hint of pine and dank cannabis. Similar on the palate with a nice bit of spice and a bitter finish.

Steel + Oak Secretariat Saison with Guava and Brett 5.9% 500ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy pale yellow colour. Aromas of straw, funk, honey, pineapple and tart apricot. Big carbonation and good tartness. Notes of sour guava and brett funk on the palate with a dry finish.

Twin Sails Random Thoughts 5.9% 750ml (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a pink-tinted orange colour. Tons of brett funk and sour berry notes on the nose. Big carbonation. The brett funk is quite strong, almost medicinal. Sour berry notes, as well.