Craft Beer Tasting Notes: July 20

Every week we post tasting notes from our Friday Staff Tasting, providing you with our take on all the latest craft beer arrivals. Even though we don’t have tasting notes for them, two really amazing beers from Anchorage Brewing arrived last week: Mosaic Saison and Galaxy White IPA. Fans of funkified, brettanomyces-fermented sours will love these. (The brewery’s motto, BTW, is “Where brewing is an art and brettanomyces is king!”) These are special beers that can be aged and will continue to transform for years. They’re also really good now! We received very small quantities of them and it will likely be a while before we get more, so grab a bottle or two now.

entre nous

Hoyne Entre Nous Cherry Wit 5.1% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a clear orange/amber colour with a hint of ruby red. Fresh witbier notes of spice and clove on the nose with hints of ripe summer cherry. Tart, effervescent and dry on the palate with a pleasant ripe cherry finish. Two Rufus paws up from: Brent

p49 aprictopus and lil redemption sour cherry

Parallel 49 Apricotopus 6.3% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy orange-yellow colour. Notes of citrus and tart yogurt on the nose. Pleasant fresh apricot notes on the palate with hints of yogurt and saison spice—tart, dry and puckery.

Parallel 49 Lil Redemption Cherry Sour 6.7% 650ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy brownish orange-red colour. Robust notes of tart cherries, red wine and vinegar on the nose. Cinnamon spice on the palate with hints of funk, sour cherry and a touch of sweet malt.


Breakside Oui, Chef Saison 6.5% 650ml (Portland)
Pours a slightly hazy orangey-yellow colour. Spicy licorice, mint and funk notes on the nose. Slightly sweet and herbaceous on the palate with notes of licorice and spice and a very bitter finish. Two Rufus paws up from: Duncan

pinner IPA

Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA 4.8% 6-pack cans (Colorado)
Pours a deep, rich yellow colour. Luscious tropical notes of pineapple and juicy citrus on the nose backed with some candied citrus notes. Similarly fruity and juicy on the light-bodied palate. Great IPA taste, small beer.

schlenkerla marzen and urbock

Aecht Schlenkerla Marzen Rauchbier 5.1% 500ml (Germany)
Pours a deep mahogany colour with a reddish tint. Notes of smoked meat/smoked salmon, campfire and spice on the nose. Pleasant sweetness up front with spicy and savoury smoke and bacon notes. Two Rufus paws up from: Megan & Ian

Aecht Schlenkerla Urbock Rauchbier 6.3% 500ml (Germany)
Pours a deep, dark mahogany colou. Enticing notes of sweet smoke, grain and molasses on the nose. Rich and sweet on the palate with well-integrated smoked malt notes. Two Rufus paws up from: Adem