Craft Beer Tasting Notes: June 7

We regularly post tasting notes from our Friday Staff Tasting, providing you with our take on all the latest craft beer arrivals. It’s been another busy couple of weeks as far as new arrivals go. Great beer continues to pour in from all over BC. We actually had a substantial shipment of one beer—a collaboration between Brassneck and Four Winds—sell out in a day! People are excited about local brews, and with good reason. Check out our tasting notes on all the new arrivals below for the details.

ExtremeBeerV Poster 20160121

We also want to mention that we have another Extreme Beer With the Beast tasting event coming up on Wed., June 15 at Swans (in the Penthouse!). Tickets are $30 and include samples of 10 beers paired with meaty morsels from Whole Beast and a deluxe doughnut from Yonni’s at the end. It’s the most unique craft beer event in Victoria. We have a limited number of tickets available both online and in-store.

to ol sky mountain sour baltic

To Øl Baltic Frontier IPA 6.5% 330ml (Denmark)
Pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour. Notes of funk, candied citrus and sweet caramel malt on the nose. Tart on the palate with notes of foresty spice, grapefruit and big bitterness. Nice acidity.

To Øl/Buxton Sky Mountain Sour IPA 4.9% 330ml (Denmark/UK)
Pours an apricot orange colour. Huge IPA notes of spicy/citrusy hops on the nose, with a hint of sweet malt. Very tart on the palate with notes of grapefruit and spicy hops. Crisp and dry.

ninkasi beer run IPA

Ninkasi Beer Run IPA 7.3% 650ml (Oregon)
Pours a clear golden yellow colour. Honeyed malt, bright citrus and spicy resin notes on the nose. Subtle, pleasant notes of light citrus, spice and sweet malt finished off with a bracing bitter finish.

faustino apple quince

Faustino Apple Quince Cider 6.8% 750ml (Okanagan)
Pours a pale straw yellow colour. Notes of floral orchard, ripe fruit and apple skin on the nose. Tart apple skin, cooked quince and Granny Smith flesh notes on the palate with a good balance of sweetness & acidity. Wine-like.


Swans Master Blaster Brett Saison 5.5% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours an orange-yellow colour. Ginger, lemon and spicy hop notes on the nose. Hint of sweetness on the complex palate with notes of dried herbs, citrus, grapefruit and spice.

hearthstone wyld raspberry berliner weisse 6pk

Hearthstone Wyld Raspberry Berliner Weisse 3.2% 6pk (Vancouver)
Pours a clear pale orange-red colour. Notes of tart raspberries and grainy malt on the nose. Very dry and crisp on the palate with notes of popcorn, tart raspberries and biscuity malt.

moon copper kettle meyer lemon sour

Moon Copper Kettle Sour Meyer Lemon 6% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a deep, rich orange- yellow colour. Notes of honey yogurt and sour lemon on the nose. Juicy lemon notes on the palate with oodles of sour citrus and nice body.

townsite sour 7800 saison 2016

Townsite Sour 7800 Saison 5.8% 650ml (Powell River)
Pours a deep, rich yellow colour. Summery notes of tart stone fruit and sour candy on the nose. Notes of sour apricot and lemon herbal tea on the palate. Incredibly complex.

persephone honey farmhouse double IPA

Persephone Honey Farmhouse Ale 5% 650ml (Gibsons)
True to its name it pours bright honey yellow colour. On the nose you get lemon, spice and a touch of honey. You pick up more saison/farmhouse notes on the palate. It’s tart, dry and crisp with notes of lemon, banana and spice. The honey isn’t very pronounced, but this is a delicious beer.

persephone brew the change

Persephone Brew the Change Ale 7.1% 650ml (Gibsons)
Pours a rich golden colour. Sweet notes of herbs and fruit on the nose. Clean and simple on the palate with notes of honey, grassy herbs and grainy malt. Bitter finish.

dageraad brassneck uncomfortable silence dark belgian cherries brett

Brassneck/Dageraad Uncomfortable Silence 8.5% 650ml (Vancouver/Burnaby)
Pours a cloudy chestnut orange-brown colour. Big funk notes of hay, barnyard and sour cherry on the nose. Funky, sweet and boozy on the palate, with round notes of cherry and spice.

phillips stump coastal forest botanic ale

Phillips Stump Coastal Forest Botanic Ale 6.2% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a bright golden yellow colour. Notes of orange, conifer needles, citrus, funk and herbs on the nose. Gin-like on the palate with savoury notes of rosemary, citrus, sweet basil and spice. Unctuous mouthfeel.

deschutes big rig ESB

Deschutes Big Rig ESB 6% 650ml (Bend, OR)
Pours a burnt amber-orange colour. Notes of juicy orange and rich malt on the nose. Earthy on the palate with notes of dried apricot and citrus and a bitter finish.

deschutes hop slice session ipa 6pk

Deschutes Hop Slice Session IPA 4.5% 6pk (Bend, OR)
Pours an orange-yellow colour. Bright citrus fruit and hop spice on the nose. Easy-drinking & balanced with crisp citrus hop notes and a hint of tartness. Dry and delicious.