Craft Beer Tasting Notes: May 3

We’re moving toward the warmer, sunnier months, so we’re starting to see some lighter brews come into the store, along with a bunch of hop-forward IPAs and Pale Ales. One noteworthy arrival is Driftwood’s brewtal hop blast, Twenty Pounder Double IPA, which is better than ever this year. Grab some of this while you can and drink it FRESH. Our friends at Superflux continue to supply us with some fantastically fruity IPAs in tall cans, like Happyness and the new Rainbow Machine. These come and go quickly, so grab them while you can and enjoy them right away for maximum aromatics and flavour.

Hearthstone Tiny Little Tart Golden Sour 4% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a deep golden yellow colour. Hint of funk on the nose with hop notes of mint and spice and a bit of grainy malt. Pleasant acidity on the palate with notes of honey, lemon, hop spice and a hint of crisp bitterness.

Vancouver Island Victoria Lager 4.8% 6pk (Victoria)
Pours clear golden yellow colour. Sweet honeyed malt notes on the nose with hint of hop spice. Sweet up front with notes of honey and grainy malt. Clean with a little bitter bite to the finish.

Howe Sound Jam Session Raspberry Cream Ale 5% 1L (Squamish, BC)
Pours a yellow-orange colour. Bright notes of fresh picked raspberries on the nose. Good natural raspberry flavour that is balanced with clean, balanced creamy malt notes. Pleasant.

Beau’s Iron Shirt Oaked Pale Ale 6.8% 650ml (Ontario)
Pours a hazy orange-yellow colour. Sweet and fruity white wine notes on the nose. A bit sweet on the palate with subtle fruit orchard fruit and grape must notes and an earthy, bitter finish, complete with hint of grippy tannins.

Strange Fellows Strange Resemblance Wild Saison 6.2% 750ml (Vancouver)
Pours a clear lemon yellow colour. Bright floral notes of stone fruit, herbs and lemon on the nose. Tart lemon notes up front on the palate with pleasant spice, pepper and citrus notes on the palate. Dry, refreshing finish.

Wander Global Mutt Baltic Porter 7% 500ml (Bellingham, WA)
Pours a deep brown-black colour. Rich notes of molasses, smoke, chocolate and coffee on the nose. Sweet, malty and bold on the palate with notes of creamy coffee and dark chocolate.

Left Hand Fade to Black Foreign Stout 8.5% 650ml (Colorado)
Pours a deep brown-black colour. Big notes of coffee and dark chocolate on the nose. Sweet and a bit boozy with notes of raisins, dark chocolate, coffee and spice.

Superflux Rainbow Machine IPA 7.5% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour. Slightly funky/stinky tropical fruit notes on the nose. Creamy on the palate with a basket full of tropical fruit notes, including pineapple. Also nice grapefruit notes and not much bitterness on the finish.

Howe Sound Sea to Sky Double IPA 8.5% 650ml (Squamish, BC)
Pours a clear deep yellow colour. Sweet citrusy fruit notes on the nose. Big citrusy, boozy hop bomb with tons of grapefruit and a bitter blast on the finish.

Driftwood Twenty Pounder Double IPA 9% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a clear, rich yellow colour. An incredible nose with notes of berries, pineapple and tropical fruit. Well-balanced on the palate with a pleasant sweetness and huge pineapple and grapefruit notes and a bitter finish.

Gigantic Axes of Evil 6% 650ml (Portland)
Pours a pale copper orange colour. Big citrus aromas dominated by orange notes the nose. Dry on the palate with round notes of caramel malt, bitter citrus and mandarin.