Craft Beer Tasting Notes: Sept 25

We skipped a couple of weekly staff tastings due to the Great Canadian Beer Fest and the madness of Rifflandia. But we’re back with a TONNE of new stuff! Wow! The pumpkin beers have arrived and the fresh-hopped brews are starting to roll in as well. Look for more of those to show up over the next two weeks. Lots of new stuff in cans. That seems to be the trend, even for seasonals. Can’t wait to see VIB Hermannator in a tall can. (Just kidding ;))

Dieu du Ciel Tamarindo Gose 4.9% 355ml (Quebec)
Pours a clear lemon yellow colour. Briny, citrusy, floral and grainy on the nose. Pleasant acidity, fruity tamarind, spice and brine notes. Dry.

Sooke Oceanside Renfrew Red Ale 5% 650ml (Sooke, BC)
Bubblegum, smoked cedar and caramel aromas, with flavours of sweet Fruit Loops, rich caramel and a lightly bitter finish.
Townsite Thaddeus Oud Bruin 6.8% 650ml (Powell River, BC)
Pours a dark mahogany colour with a red tint. Aromas of root beer, oak, dark cherries and balsamic vinegar on the nose. Notes of malt vinegar, rich oak, vanilla, tart red fruit and spice on the palate.

Ravens Corvus Lingonberry Lime Gose 4.5% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a cloudy pink grapefruit colour. Briny/citrusy notes on the nose. Big acidity with notes of tart red berries and a squeeze of lime and kiss of salt. Refreshing.
Ravens Barrel Aged Tripel 9% 650ml (Abbotsford)
Pours a rich golden yellow colour. Bright notes of ripe apple and pear, white wine and honey. Sweet on the palate with notes of oak, rich orchard fruit and spice. Hit of bitterness on the finish.

Twin Sails Bachelor Pad Double IPA 8.3% 4pk (Port Moody)
Pours a cloudy orange-yellow colour. Ripe notes of exotic tropical fruit and pineapple. Very sweet on the palate, with low carbonation, mild bitterness and ample pineapple and tropical fruit flavours. Also boozy.
Powell Fresh-Hopped Wild IPA 6.5% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy peach colour. Fresh herbal and ripe tropical fruit notes on the nose. Juicy Fruit gum, spice and fresh herbal notes on the palate. Wonderfully hoppy and exotic.
Faculty 107 Blonde Ale 5.1% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a bright clear lemon yellow colour. Bright notes of floral hops and sweet grainy malt on the nose. Yeasty/bready lager notes on the palate with hints of grainy malt and a dry, almost tart, finish.
Doan’s Oktoberfest 6.4% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a copper orange-yellow colour. Sweet malt notes on the nose. Sweet, malty and rich on the palate with notes of caramel and spice. Hint of booze.
Occidental Pilsner 4.8% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a clear golden yellow colour. Notes of sweet honeyed grain on the nose. Hint of sweetness up front, with grainy, grassy & floral notes on the palate and a bite of bitterness on the finish.
Also available: Occidental Kölsch

Persephone Amarillo Pilsner 5% 650ml (Gibsons, BC)
Pours a bright clear lemon yellow colour. Bright floral citrus hop and grainy malt notes on the nose. Citrusy, fruity hops up front with a refreshingly dry, bitter finish. Similar to an India Pale Lager. Well hopped!

Faculty 418 Citra Pale Ale 5% 4pk (Vancouver)
Pours a copper orange colour. Big bright citrus hop notes, with a hint of ripe berries on the nose. Dry and refreshing on the palate with fresh lemon and orange citrus notes. Complex, dry and chuggable.

Moon Pumpkin Pearzen Harvest Weizen 7% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a hazy light orange/yellow colour. Huge notes of spiced pear and pumpkin pie on the nose. Nice balance of ripe fall orchard fruits, baking spice and pumpkin. Delicious!

Fernie Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Brown Ale 5% 650ml (Fernie, BC)
Pours a root beer brown colour. Pleasant chocolate and pumpkin spice notes, with a hint of citrus on the nose. Chocolate malt, burnt marshmallows and pumpkin spice on the palate Tasty!

Parallel 49 Schadenfreude Pumpkin Lager 5% 6pk (Vancouver)
Pours a clear orange colour. Light buttery crust and baking spices on the nose. On the palate you get notes of round malt, butter, brown sugar, pumpkin pie baking spices.

St.-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale 4-pks 5% (Quebec)
Pours a pumpkin orange- brown colour. Strong notes of  classic pumpkin pie/spice on the nose. Big malty pumpkin taste with well-balanced spice notes on the palate. Medium-bodied and very drinkable.

Wheelhouse Kazu Maru IPA 6.7% 650 ml (Prince Rupert, BC)
Pours a rich golden yellow colour. Major ripe tropical fruit and spice notes on the nose. Uber-fruity berry and tropical fruit notes on the palate with a cleansing bitter finish.
Wheelhouse Blacksmith Brown Ale 6.3%
650 ml (Prince Rupert, BC)
Pours a chocolate brown colour. Chocolate bar, dark fruit and cocoa notes on the nose. Similar on the palate, with a hint of tart fruit. Dry finish with hint of bitterness.

St-Ambroise Double IPA 8% 473ml (Victoria)
Pours a golden yellow colour. Sweet malt and spicy/fruity hop notes on the nose. Boozy and big on the palate with sweet malt, sharp citrusy hops and a hint of spice.

Lighthouse Ryujin Tripel 8% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a hazy orange colour. Notes of boozy ripe plums and orchard fruit on the nose. Ripe fruit and booze on the palate.