Craft Beer Tasting Notes: September 18

The weather has sure taken a turn toward the cooler fall temps, even though we technically have a few days of summer left. With the cooler weather comes the arrival of the pumpkin spice beers and ciders! We have a small (but growing) “Pumpkin Patch” at the front of the store where you can find all of these limited releases. Also check out our growing selection of single tall cans (473ml). We even offer a 5% discount if you purchase 4 or more cans!


Moon Copper Kettle Sour Dry (Columbus Dry-Hopped) 6% 750ml (Victoria)
Pours an orange yellow colour. Faint citrus notes on the nose. Juicy, citrusy acidity with some bright citrus hop notes on the palate. Touch of bitterness on the finish.

Driftwood Goldynwell Folkol 3% 473ml (Victoria)
Pours a very pale lemon yellow colour. Juicy citrus and apple notes with hints of lime and floral hop notes on the nose. Tart apple on the palate with spicy/citrusy hop notes and south mouthfeel. No carbonation. 

Townsite Blackberry Festivale 5% 650ml (Powell River, BC)
Pours a cloudy purple-tinged pale orange colour. Sweet malt notes on the nose with a hint of blackberry. A bit sweet on the palate with great witbier spice & citrus notes and mellow notes of dark berries.

Twin Sails Seshy Session Ale 3.4% 473ml (Port Moody, BC)
Pours a hazy pale yellow colour. Mega tropical fruit bomb and spice notes on the nose—smells like a typical hazy IPA. Light-bodied and dry on the palate, with many of the aromatic tropical fruit notes, but with little sweetness and intensity. A very mild version of a hazy IPA. 
Dageraad Rainshine Hoppy Blonde w/Grapefruit Peel 6
% 473ml (Burnaby, BC)
Pours a bright golden yellow colour. Notes of grapefruit oil, Belgian yeast spice and citrus on the nose. A touch of sweetness up front balanced with grapefruit pith bitterness and plenty of fruit and spice notes on the palate.

Boombox x Twin Sails Just the Hits Double IPA 8.6% 473ml (BC)
Pours a clear orange-yellow colour. Aromas of sweet citrus, juicy tropical fruit and hop spice. Hides the ABV well. Sweet and complex with tremendous fruit notes—apricot, melon, tropical fruit—on the palate.

Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale 5% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a clear orange colour. Nutmeg-forward baking spice notes, buttered pie crust and cinnamon on the nose. Creamy notes of roasted pumpkins & squash on the palate balanced by bright baking spices with a dry finish. Lightly bitter.
Phillips Crooked-er Tooth Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale 7.3% 650ml (Victoria)
Pours a very clear orange colour. Strong boozy notes of drunken pumpkin pie dominate. On the palate, you get pumpkin spice notes along with oaky/boozy notes of vanilla and coconut. Definitely benefits from the fuller body.

Dominion Pretty to Think So Wild Raspberry Cider 5.7% 750ml (Summerland, BC)
Pours a clear light pink colour. Notes of floral fresh raspberries and raspberry candy on the nose. Very dry and austere with crisp, tart raspberry notes. Dry finish—refreshing!   

Sea Cider Witch’s Broom 9.9% 750ml (Saanich, BC)
Pours a light pale lemon yellow colour. Aromas of clove-spiked apple on the nose. Sweet and tart with a nice combination of rich, tart fruit notes, booze and baking spice. Like mulled wine.

Category 12 Harvest Sour 6% 650ml (Saanich, BC)
Pours a clear purple-red colour. Big black currant notes on the nose—bright and earthy. Same on the palate. Balanced sourness with bright berry flavours.
Four Winds Norwegian Wood 6.2% 750ml (Delta, BC)
Pours a hazy golden yellow colour. Bright, complex and floral on the nose with notes of pineapple, sweet fruit and funky minerality. Brett notes of pineapple, peppery spice and dry minerality on the palate with a crisp, bitter finish.
Field House x Ravens Pink Guava Gose 4.2% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a cloudy pale white-yellow colour. Complex notes of guava, grapefruit and spice on nose. Tart guava on the palate with a hint of coriander a bit of salt and good, balanced acidity.

Persephone Oktoberfest 5.8% 650ml (Gibsons, BC)
Pours a pumpkin orange colour. Very fresh and clean on the nose with malty notes of caramel, toffee and nuts. Creamy mouthfeel with rich, sweet malt notes of caramel corn, nuts and toffee and a bitter hop bite on the finish.

Four Winds Raspberry Jam IPA 6.5% 473ml (Delta, BC)
Pours a cloudy pink colour. Notes of sweet raspberry candies on the nose. Soft, creamy and a bit tart on the palate with bright raspberry candy notes and a bitter finish.
Russell Happy Little Brut IPA 7% 473ml (Vancouver)
Pours a hazy golden yellow colour. Bright, floral/fruity hop notes on the nose. A touch sweet up front with bright carbonation, fruity white wine notes and a dry finish.

Field House Viognier Farmhouse 7.8% 650ml (Abbotsford, BC)
Pours a cloudy pale yellow colour. Tart white wine and farmhouse funk notes on the nose. Viognier shines through with juicy peach and apple notes and pleasant, balanced acidity. Good carbonation.   

Callister Bell Wether Barrel Aged Doppelbock 7.9% (Vancouver)
Pours a dark mahogany colour. Notes of boozy bourbon, caramel and toffee on the nose. Starts sweet with boozy caramel, coconut and vanilla notes, but finishes dry with tart dark fruit notes. Unique.