We Are Victoria’s Bordeaux Connection

Wine-2-WEB We are working in conjunction with an importer that specializes in fine Bordeaux wines and want to extend these offerings to our customers here in Victoria. Our agent travels extensively in Bordeaux throughout the year and coordinates wines to import. Most of the wines are $100 per bottle or less and are older vintages than the current vintage year that is available. The agent also pre-sells some wines, most of which are over $100 per bottle, and are generally chateaus of stature and also back vintages. The name of our new program is the “Bordeaux Connection,” because we are able to, through our importer, connect local Bordeaux enthusiasts with some amazing wines. Want to know more about this? You can start by going to the new Bordeaux Connection introduction page on our website which will give you all the details about ordering. Then go to our Bordeaux Connection blog, where you can browse through the latest offerings, sorted by what’s available now (Arrival Notice), what can be special ordered (Special Order),  Left Bank, Right Bank and even by vintages available.