New Shows to Redeem Loyalty Points For!

One of the many features that makes our Loyalty Program unique is the opportunity for our members to redeem points for amazing concerts at both Capital Ballroom and Lucky Bar. These two local venues host some of the finest local and touring talent on Vancouver Island. If there’s a cool band coming to Vancouver Island, chances are it will be at one of these two places. Check out the most up-to-date list of shows below, going into 2019, and the points needed to reserve a ticket.

Reserving a ticket (or one of the many other Rewards we offer) is easy. You can either do it in person when you’re in the store shopping, or you can do it online here.

If concerts aren’t your thing, we also have gift cards for some favourite Cook St. Village eateries like Pizzeria Prima Strada, Big Wheel Burgers and Empire Donuts & Fried Chicken.