Rewards That Rock!

Our Loyalty Program members who signed up early have been collecting points for months and we can now reveal the killer rewards we’re offering! This is just the first taste of what will be an ever-changing lineup of Rewards ranging from VIP¬†concert tickets for local music festivals to fun seasonal swag. You can check the Rewards Wall in-store for smaller items (shirts, glasses, hats, openers, etc.) and look here on our website for regular updates on larger items. Remember, if you see something below you want, please send an email request to info at cookstliquor dot com (be sure to include your Loyalty Program number) or request the item(s) in-store.



Standard Bouquet = 60 pts

Custom Bouquet = 180 pts


Mega Unicorn Float = 500 pts

9-pack of Gardening Gloves = 65 pts
Double Travel Hammock =  180 pts
Outdoor Blanket = 80 pts
LED Garden Path Lights = 130 pts

Plus Dozens of Smaller Items on Our In-Store Rewards Shelves!