More Than 500 Beers, One Small Store

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You’d be amazed by how much craft beer (and wine and spirits) we can fit into a small space. Since we opened in 2008, our craft beer selection—which early on included releases from Dogfish Head, Rogue, Pretty Things, Brooklyn and many other iconic craft  breweries—was small and unique, but ever-growing. As more craft beer was brewed in and imported into the province, our selection grew. Eventually something had to give, so we started replacing macro brews with more craft beer in our fridges.

Today, we carry very few non-craft beers (much to the chagrin of some) and we offer many different choices from nearly every craft beer style out there—from Belgian sours to imperial stouts. Last count, we had more than 80 different kinds of IPA alone! And unlike other stores that carry craft beer, but only have a small portion in the fridge, our wall-length fridge is mostly full of craft beer—6-packs, 4-packs, bombers and more! We’ve helpfully arranged our fridges (as well as the beer on our shelves) by style, rather than by brand. So, if you’re in the mood for a great craft pilsner or maybe ESB, you’ll find many to choose from.

Another thing we do differently, is we include tasting notes on the shelf tags for nearly every craft beer we carry. Every week, we convene the staff for an educational tasting of new product—from BC and around the world. We taste beer, take notes and those notes end up on our website and on the shelf tags.

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As avid supporters of BC breweries, we cary the finest beers made in the province. We can’t carry every BC beer out there, but we carefully select the ones that we do offer from such notables as Four Winds, Dageraad, Phillips, Driftwood, Strange Fellows, Lighthouse, Powell Street, Moon Under Water, Russell, Old Abbey, Tofino and many many more.


We also regularly get rare, hard-to-find brews from the US and Europe. These are special releases that only show up in the province in very small quantities. We’re talking notable brews from StoneDeschutes, FiftyFifty, North Coast, Cascade, Ommegang and De Molen (among others). We’ve had customers who were visiting Victoria from bigger US craft beer meccas who have complimented us on our killer selection.

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So, come see us in the Cook Street Village if you’re as craft beer obsessed as we are. We’re located directly behind Pizzeria Prima Strada. We may be small, but our craft beer selection isn’t.