New Craft Beer Arrival: August 11

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Betty’s Lemon Vodka Iced Tea 5% 6-pack cans (Surrey)
Pours a white peach flesh colour. Smells just lemon iced tea. Lots of lemon and a hint of brewed tea on the nose. Again, tastes just like sweet, lemony iced tea. Nice tart finish keeps this well-balanced. Good carbonation. You barely notice the alcohol at all.


Breakside Passionfruit Sour Ale 650ml 4.5% (Portland)
Pours a cloudy yellow colour with an orange tint. Notes of tart peach and passionfruit on the nose. The palate is beautifully tart, crisp and dry with nice natural passionfruit notes. This is a Berliner weisse with passionfruit and it’s very well-balanced, with a pleasant lingering tartness. Well carbonated and very refreshing on a hot summer day.


New Belgium Summer Helles 5% 6-packs (Colorado)
Pours a very pale lemon yellow colour. Fresh, clean crackery/biscuity nose and hints of fruit that are almost white wine-like. On the palate it’s dry and crisp with a hint of fruit. There are crackery malt notes and hints of grassy hops. Delicious and refreshing with fine carbonation.

copper red IRA

Red Racer Copper Ale 5% 500ml (Surrey)
Pours a bright copper colour. Very malt forward on the nose, with a hint of citrusy hops. Taste is similarly malty with sweet notes of brown sugar and molasses. A little spice and bitterness in there from the hops as well. This is a hearty brew for those who don’t want a ton of bitterness and like a good malty brew.

Red Racer India-Style Red Ale 5.6% 4-pack tall boy cans (Surrey)
Pours a burnt copper colour. Notes of candied orange, brown sugar, spice and citrus on the nose. On the palate you get orange, roasted nuts/marzipan, sweet malts and very bitter finish. A rich and hearty brew for those who like a rich, malty beer with assertive hops.


Red Racer India Session Ale 6-pack cans 4% (Surrey)
Pours a rich, deep yellow colour. Faint notes of spice, grain and citrus on the nose. On the palate you get more of the same, just what you’d expect from a bigger IPA, but the body is lighter and there’s a real crispness to this. A good alternative to an IPA if you want to have several hoppy brews without getting wiped out.

worthypalealeWorthy American Pale Ale 6% 6-pack cans (Oregon)
Pours an orangish yellow colour. Bold notes of fresh citrus mingle with a solid malt backbone. This is definitely a Sierra Nevada style pale ale. On the palate you get some nice round nutty marzipan malt notes with lots of hop fruitiness. Creamy mouthfeel, good carbonation.