New Craft Beer Arrivals (with Tasting Notes): September 29

Every Monday we’ll be posting tasting notes on the latest craft beer arrivals. Check out what’s new! Also, check out our Pumpkin Patch for all the latest pumpkin ale releases!



Fuller’s ESB 4-pks 5.9% (England) Pours an orangey yellow colour with a brownish tinge. Rich malty notes of chocolate and grains. Taste is a touch sweet (brown sugar) with robust grainy and nutty malt notes. Nice balancing bitterness on the finish and creamy mouthfeel.


Occidental Hefeweizen 4-pk tall boy cans 4.7% (Portland) Pours a hazy yellow-orange colour. Traditional hefe funk, spice and citrus notes on the nose. Drinks nice and dry with traditional Bavarian yeast notes of clove and citrus on the palate. Nice crisp finish. Excellent carbonation, very sessionable.


Upright Copper & Theory “Fifth” Farmhouse Ale 750ml 7% (Victoria) Pours a hazy whitish-yellow colour. Notes of funk, spice and dirty socks on the nose. The palate offers big notes of exotic tropical fruit, pepper and spice with a dry, bitter finish. Very complex.


Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale 650ml 5% (Victoria) Pours a very clear yellow with a hint of orange colour. The nose is dominated by pumpkin spice notes. Lots of pumpkin pie spice notes on the palate, though lacks a little body. Not too sweet and very drinkable.

Phillips Crookeder Tooth Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale 650ml 7.3% (Victoria) Pours a very clear orange colour. Strong boozy notes of drunken pumpkin pie dominate. On the palate, you get pumpkin spice notes along with oaky/boozy notes of vanilla and coconut. Definitely benefits from the fuller body.


Four Winds Apparition White IPA  650ml 6% (Delta) Pours a hazy yellow-white colour. Strong notes of lemon and orange citrus, as well as pine, on the nose. Very fresh smelling. On the palate it’s quite exotic with bright notes of bubblegum, clove and fruit. Bitter finish and big carbonation. Delicious.


New Belgium/Odell FOCOllaboration Pale Ale 650ml 6.7% (Colorado) Pours a light copper orange colour. Strong notes of grapefruit, pine, resin and hop funk on the nose. On the palate there are sweet, round notes of orange marmalade and rich malt. Just the right amount of bitterness on the finish. Medium bodied and delicious.


Hoyne Wolf Vine Wet Hopped Pale Ale 5.3% (Victoria) Pours a clear copper-orange colour. Fresh notes of earth, fruit and pine on the nose. Definitely smells like a wet-hopped ale. On the palate, the hop notes are more subtle and they take something of a back seat to the malt. A perfect beer for those who want to experience a fresh-hopped ale without an abundance of bitterness.


Hornbeer Black Magic Woman Smoked Imperial Stout 10% 500ml (Denmark) Pours a deep, rich black colour with hints of copper red around the edges. Pleasant aromas of smoke, dark fruit and burnt chocolate on the nose. Perfect blend of sweet dark fruit, chocolate and espresso notes with savoury smoke notes. Great sipper for cold fall and winter evenings. Very drinkable.