New (Imported) Brew Wednesday!

OK, recently we’ve been celebrating our new wine arrivals on Wednesday, but a whole bunch of really interesting imports landed today, so we thought we should get the word out about that. We always say that we’re picky when it comes to bringing new product in the shop and these are perfect examples. These are all imports, mostly from Europe, though there’s one crazy arrival from a highly rated Mexican craft brewer, as well. We’ve included a line about each brewery or beer just so you have an idea why each of these are special and why have decided to make room in our already crowded fridge and shelves for them.

If you haven’t tried sour beers, this Belgian brew from Brouwerij Verhaeghe may convert you for life. Poured in a Champagne flute, it way convert some wine drinkers as well.
Brouwerij De Molen: A quirky Dutch brewery that blends traditional styles with modern innovation.
Austria’s Schloss Eggenberg makes some exceptional high-gravity lagers. The Urbock 23° (9.5% ABV) is known as the “cognac of beers.”
Also from Austria is a summer-friendly pale wheat beer from Braurei Rieder.
Last but not least comes the “The Best Rated Mexican Craft Beer” from Cerveza Cucapa.