New Product Spotlight: Phillips Seasonals

The always busy folks at Phillips have stocked us up with a couple of their latest seasonal offerings. Here’s what the brewery had to say about them:

Double Barrel Scotch Ale: “We got pretty jazzed about putting Scotch ale into some barrels, but the question remained, what kind? The overwhelming choice was bourbon, but red wine was also on the table. Why not both? The result is a beer that you notice when you drink it—your senses get smacked with great bourbon aroma, which is complemented by a slightly smoky peat flavour and rich vanilla tones.” $6 for 650ml bottle.

Springbock: “Since spring is upon us, we decided to celebrate that fact with our take on a traditional Maibock. Expect a full body and big hop kick when you meet this beast.” $5.75 for 650ml bottle.

These are, as always, limited releases, so come and get them while they last.