New Product Tasting Notes: May 5

Every Monday we’ll be posting tasting notes on the latest craft beer arrivals. Check out what’s new!


New Belgium Snapshot Wheat Beer 5%

Pours a very pale yellow/whitish colour, slight haze. Pleasant, fresh notes of spice, coriander and light malt. On the palate there are tart fruit notes and a little spice. Very dry finish. Fine carbonation. Nice light-bodied, easy drinking summer beer with plenty of complexity.


Unibroue Ephemere Cranberry 5.5%

Pours a hazy golden orange colour. No real hint of cranberry in the colour. On the nose there are notes of cranberry sauce and sweet red berries. Strong tart cranberry taste on the palate. There’s a little clove and spice in there as well, with a nice dry finish. Crisp, dry and good carbonation.


Logsdon Organic Kili Wit 5.5%

Pours a very pale and slightly hazy whitish-yellow colour. Typical Belgian witbier notes of funk and spice. Nice complexity on the palate with plenty of tart fruit notes and spice mingling together. Very dry finish. Excellent, Champagne-like carbonation.


Rogue Beard Beer 5.6%

Pours a hazy yellow-orange colour. Nose features notes of honey, tart stone fruits and a little funk. The palate is equally complex with notes of apricot, honey, spice and a solid hop finish. Very interesting and unique flavours in this beer. Nice bitter finish.


Petrus Aged Pale 7.3%

Pours a bright clear yellow colour. Nose offers notes of wood, malt vinegar and tart cider. Taste is a nice balance of tart and sweet notes of spice, wood, white wine and malt. Starts crisp and tart and finishes with a little sweetness. Very crisp and easy drinking for a sour.


Gigantic Firebird Smoked Hefeweizen 6.1%

Pours a hazy pale orange-yellow colour. Some really interesting aromas of clove, blood orange and a bit of smoke. Taste is equally complex with notes of bubblegum, smoke and orange. This seems like a combination that wouldn’t work, but the smoked malt and the traditional German yeast actually mingle together to make some tasty flavours. The smoke is subtle.


Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA 6.5%

Pours a very pale, hazy  witbier yellow colour. Hints of orange, spice and sweet malt on the nose. Plenty of classic witbier notes of citrus, coriander and banana on the palate with a dry, tannic finish thanks to a heap o’ hops. A little light on the carbonation.

jet star

No-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA 8.1%

Pours a clear orangey-yellow colour. Big malt and tropical fruit notes on the palate.Taste is similarly balanced between a big swack of malt sweetness and some earthy, spicy, tropical fruit hop notes. Huge bitter finish. This is a big, burly double IPA.


MOA Royal Belgian Double IPA 9.1%

Pours an orangey-brown colour, with a bit of haze. Nose is surprisingly muted, though there are some pleasant notes of sweet honey and exotic fruit. The palate is a bit surprising, though delicious. Rather than big ostentatious fruit and spice notes as some Belgian IPAs have, this is more like an Abbey-style version of a double IPA, with big, rich caramel and toffee malt notes complemented by a huge earthy bitterness from the hops. Very full bodied and strong.