New Product Tasting Notes for June 2


Driftwood Belle Royale Sour Cherry Wild Ale 8%
Pours a cloudy deep ruby red. Intensely coloured. The nose offers equally intense tart cherry notes. On the palate it’s almost wine-like with big, round notes of cherry and oak. It’s a careful balance between sweet, tart and spicy. This is a very full-bodied, unfiltered beer.


Russell Hop Therapy ISA 4.5% (Coming soon)
Pours an orangey-yellow colour. Big notes of fresh resiny pine and a bit of funk on the nose. Similar flavours on the palate—typical pine, citrus and fruit notes. It’s light-bodied, nicely balanced and has a refreshingly dry, bitter finish.


Dieu du Ciel Chaman Imperial Pale Ale 9%
Pours an orangey-yellow colour. Big notes of hops, booze and caramel on the nose. It is big, boozy and quite malty with the some aggressive dry hopping providing nice hop aromatics. There is quite a dry bitter finish to it. It’s a big beer, almost akin to a barley wine.


Oakshire Watershed IPA 6.7%
Pours a rich yellow colour. Exotic hop notes of orange, marmalade, grass and resin on the nose. Plenty of big hop notes of resin, pine and citrus fruit notes on the palate. A hint of sweetness up front that is balanced by a big bitter finish. This is a big, hoppy NW-style IPA, like Ninkasi’s Total Domination IPA.

Oakshire O’Dark :30 CDA 6.3%
Pours a dark chocolate brown with reddish tints. Dark chocolatey malt notes mingle with spice and citrus hop notes on the nose. The palate, however, leans more toward the malty side with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, smoke and a persistent bitter finish. Not much of the bright, fruity hop notes show up on the palate, making this more like a hoppy porter.

barkerville52ftstoutBarkerville 52 Foot Stout 7%
Pours a deep dark brown with red highlights. Notes of earth, syrup and chocolate on the nose. Tasty sweet notes of chocolate, marshmallow and smoke on the palate. This is a nice full-bodied, well-balanced and flavourful stout.