New Product Tasting Notes: June 23

ninkasiprismaticluxhelles Ninkasi Lux Helles 6-packs 5% Pours a bright pale yellow. Clean lager notes of lemon and pale grains on the nose. A little sweet up front with rich grain notes on the mid palate and a grassy, hoppy dry finish. Very flavourful beer that is still quite easy drinking. Beautiful fine carbonation, like Champagne. deschuteschainsierrakellerSierra Nevada Kellerweiss Hefeweizen 6-packs 4.8% Pours a cloudy pale orange juice colour. Subtle classic hefe notes of banana, herbs and spice. There’s are some nice herbal notes at play here. On the palate it’s funky, fruity and filled with spice notes of clove and coriander. Nice grainy malt notes as well. A very complex session beer. Great for summer! Base Camp Lost Meridian Wit Base Camp Lost Meridian Wit 650ml 5% Pours a hazy pale yellow. Surprising notes of fresh pine and herbs on the nose. Not a typical wit beer, thanks to a good dose of Meridian hops! Taste is also atypical, though quite refreshing. hoppy notes of pine and spice are nice complements to the herbal, fruity notes of the Belgian wit yeast. It’s tart and tangy with a nice dry, bitter finish. Very light-bodied and refreshing. An interesting take on a witbier. Base Camp In-Tents IPL 650ml 6.8% (not pictured) Pours an orange/copper colour. Rich notes of marmalade, honey and grainy toast on the nose. Very interesting for a lager! The taste is equally unique. This is an unconventional take on the emerging India Pale Lager style. On the palate you get sweet honeyed notes of grain with almost rye-like spice. It’s quite rich and robust. Almost like a hopped-up doppelbock. elysiandaygloIPA Elysian Dayglow IPA 650ml 6.5% Pours a bright yellow colour. The nose is a wonderland of exotic, lush tropical fruit notes with just a hint of funk thanks to the use of Mosaic hops. On the palate you get resin, tropical fruit, spice and just the right amount of sweetness. This delivers everything the killer label promises. A perfect New World IPA. commons biere royale Commons Biere Royale 750ml 5.5% Pours a beautiful strawberry pink colour. On the nose you find notes of funk, Flintstones vitamins (old-school chalky kind) and tart currants, with a bit of minerality. The taste is sharp and tart with he powerful effervescence delivering a tangy mouthful of honey, tart berries and crabapples. Very refreshing on a hot summer day! AVBCBrotherDavidsDOubleAnderson Valley Brother David’s Double 650ml 9% Pours a dark chestnut brown. Huge notes of dates, figs, banana, chocolate and root beer on the nose. A serious Belgian-style brew! The palate offers and equally complex melange of sweet notes of banana bread, dark fruit, nuts, brown sugar, molasses and a little booze. A big sipping beer. lagunitasnighttimeLagunitas Nighttime Ale 650ml 8.2% Pours a dark brown colour. This is the antithesis of Lagunitas’ DayTime session beer. EVerything is cranked to 11 on this brew. The nose is a crazy mix of grape, resin, pine, grapefruit and dark malt notes. On the palate it’s big, sweet, smoky and filled with dark fruit notes and crazy hop aromas and flavours. This is a full-bodied, big beer that isn’t subtle in any way. roguedoublechocostoutRogue Double Chocolate Stout 8.8% Pours a deep, rich blackish brown. Very viscous and intense. Notes of hot cocoa, milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows on the nose. The flavours follow suit: this is a very intense blast of sweet chocolate bar, marshmallow and smoke with a dry, bitter finish. Serve this sipper instead of dessert.