New Product Tasting Notes: June 9

Every Monday we’ll be posting tasting notes on the latest craft beer arrivals. Check out what’s new!


Big Sky Trout Slayer Wheat Ale 5% (Montana)
Pours a super-clear deep yellow colour. Subtle notes of citrus, bread and pale malts on the nose. Smells fresh and bright. On the palate there are tart citrus notes, a little spice and some nice, light Northwest hop notes. Dry finish. This is a light-bodied, refreshing and easy-drinking beer that is perfect with a squeeze of lemon in warm weather.


Maui Mana Wheat 5.5% (Maui, Hawaii)
Pours a hazy deep yellow colour. Exotic, tropical nose of ginger, candied pineapple and spice. For as fruity as it smells, it is quite dry with a nice tartness. Notes of spice, ginger and just hint of pineapple on the finish. Big carbonation and super quaffable.

Big Sky Scape Goat Pale Ale 4.7% (Montana)
Pours a clear deep yellowish-orange colour. Classic English pale ale notes of earth, spice, marmalade and caramel on the nose. Similar notes on the palate. Definitely dry and with some nice bright hop notes along with a bit of fruit. Finishes with a refreshing bit of bitterness. Very well crafted pale ale.


Breakside India Golden Ale 8.1% (Portland)
True to its name, it pours a very bright golden yellow colour. The nose offers a strong hit of mint, spice, resin and pine. Great hop aromas! There’s a definite sweetness up front followed by lots of exotic fruit, resin and pine notes and a well-balanced dry finish. This is a great example of a perfectly brewed double IPA.


Le Trou du Diable Shawinigan Handshake 6.5% (Quebec)
Pours a hazy yellow colour. Big notes of banana, clove and fruit on the nose. Very complex fruit flavors on the palate, as well: apple, banana, citrus. Plenty of clove and spice notes and a big bitter finish. This is basically a hoppy hefeweizen. Medium bodied and delicious.


Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale 5.4% (Seattle)
Pours a hazy orangey yellow colour. The nose is typical West Coast APA: pine, citrus grapefruit. On the palate the blood orange really shines through and complements the citrusy hop notes. There are some really nice fruit flavours here, with just a touch of sweetness. The body has a little heft to it. A very solid beer