Omission Gluten-Free Pale Ale & Lager Now in Stock

Until recently, there have been very few gluten-free beer options available. There were a couple, but selection was limited. Now, we’re not only seeing more, we’re seeing some that taste just like “real” beer. The latest arrival is going to be a huge hit with gluten-intolerant beer drinkers: Omission Pale Ale.

This beer was made by Widmer Brewing in Portland and, in a blind taste test you’d be hard to pick it out from any other West Coast-style pale ale. It has a nice hop component, a little sweetness and it’s super refreshing and drinkable. This is now the brand to beat in this category. As good as it is, however, we’ll still carry other brands, just in case it doesn’t suit your taste.

UPDATE: We now have 6-packs of Omission Lager in stock, as well!