Beer Mail 104: Near and Far, by Post or Car!(Sold-out)

69.10 + shipping

Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to bring you Beer Mail 104: Near and Far by Post or Car!

This box contains a little bit of everything, a rainbow of styles from both near and far.

Let’s start with the near!  From our own home in Victoria, we have Ile Sauvage’s Debutante Imperial Stout, and Lighthouse’s Nationbeer.  While Debutante is dark and dangerous Nationbeer is quite the opposite, light and crushable!

Taking a quick jaunt up island we have our next beer from beautiful Courtenay, Gladstone’s Czech Dark Lager.  This beer has been a long-time favourite at the brewery, but this is the first time they’ve put it in cans.

Next up we’re jumping over the strait and up into Squamish, with Howe Sound’s Ultradestroyer stout.  With a newly polished name, this beer is sure to warm your heart and your palate!

Jumping down south a little bit, we have a pair of brews from the hamlet of Port Moody. Yellow Dog brings us their annual holiday release, this time in the form of Yipee Ki-yay White Sour.  Twin Sails has shipped us one of their recent anniversary releases, A Pop of Colour Wit.   These two are both on the lighter side and offer the promise of citrusy refreshment!

Proceeding into Vancouver proper, we have a quartet of recent releases and re-releases from some of our favourites.  Slow Hand offers up another solid and simple single in the form of their new Small Table Beer, or you can take a walk on the wild side with Storm’s Blood Moon Raspberry Lambic.  Two hoppy beers from Luppolo also get into the mix, their Hazy IPA Missing Lynx, and it’s big brother Double Coat!

rounding out the box we have a few gems from farther afield.  coming to us all the way from California we have The Bruery’s Goses are Red, a gose made with Syrah grapes!  All the way on the other coast in New York, we have a hoppy hype IPA from Equilibrium, Origami Paper Planes!

We’re prepared to send this pack of 12 x 473ml box of craft beers to your door for $69.10Anywhere in BC!

We offer a flat shipping charge of $25 for Expedited Canada Post delivery anywhere in BC! (That’s you Haida Gwaii, Nelson, Prince Rupert, and others!)

FREE delivery to Victoria area addresses.

This box is available for a one-to-two weekish window, or until it’s designated as Sold-Out.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

Local Delivery Schedule: Monday-Friday 12PM-5PM – no deliveries on Saturdays / Sundays.

  • Lighthouse, Nationbeer - 4.5% (Victoria, BC)
  • The Bruery, Goses are Red Gose w/ Syrah grapes - 5.6% (Placentia, CA)
  • Equilibrium X Barreled Souls, Origami Paper planes DIPA - 8.0% (Middletown, NY)
  • Ile Sauvage, Debutante Imperial Stout - 9.1% (Victoria, BC)
  • Howe Sound Ultradestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout - 10% (Squamish, BC)
  • Storm, Blood Moon Raspberry Lambic - 8% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Gladstone, Czech Dark Lager - 6.0% (Courtenay, BC)
  • Luppolo, Missing Lynx Hazy IPA - 6.8% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Luppolo, Dpuble Coat DIPA - 8.0% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Twin Sails, Pop of Colour Pink Peppercorn & Hibiscus Wit - 5.4% (Port Moody, BC)
  • Yellow Dog Yippie Ki-Yay White Sour - 5.4% (Port Moody, BC)
  • Slow Hand, Small Table Beer - 3.5% (Vancouver, BC)