Beer Mail #114: Limited Lagers and All-star Ales(Sold-out)

68.91 + shipping

Introducing Beer Mail #114: Limited Lagers and All-star Ales!

This package highlights 4 fresh lagers that have blown our socks off in recent weeks.  Field House‘s Draught pilsner and lager are not the kind of releases that the brewery is known for, but they’ve really knocked them out of the park.  The other two are both Mexican style corn lagers from Ile Sauvage and Luppolo, two of our favourite breweries in the province at the moment.

While we love lagers, we know they’re not the apple of everyone’s eyes, so this one has a healthy dose for the hop heads as well.  Kicking off this contingent we have a few excellent IPAs from Quebec stalwarts Dieu Du Ciel.  Their Dent de Requin is their take on a West Coast IPA, while Petite Morale is a lighter ABV IPA that is delightfully crushable.  There’s also a new release from Hypha, which utilizes Phantasm powder.  Phantasm powder is made from crushed up Sauvingon Blanc skins, and is all the rage in Hazy IPAs currently.

This box also has a couple of new releases from North Van’s House of Funk!  They’re fermented in barrel with wild yeast, as is tradition for the brewery, and are pleasantly complex.  Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Fortuna Belgian-style Dubbel and this years version of recurring favourite Aion!

The box is rounded our by a couple fruited farmhouse ales from Strange Fellows and Steel & Oak, and a classic sour from Backcountry!

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  • Backcountry, Mine goes To Eleven Mango Coconut Lime Sour - 5.5% (Squamish, BC)
  • Dieu Du Ciel, Dent de Requin West Coast Hazy IPA - 6.3% (St. Jerome, QC)
  • Dieu Du Ciel, Petite Morale IPA - 5.1% (St. Jerome, QC)
  • Field House, Draught Lager - 5.0% (Abbotsford, BC)
  • Field House, 100 Day Pilsner - 5.0% (Abbotsford, BC)
  • House of Funk - Aion 2022 BA Golden Sour - 6.0% (North Vancouver, BC)
  • House of Funk, Fortuna BA Dubbel - 7.0% (North Vancouver, BC)
  • Ile Sauvage, Maiiz Mexican Lager w/ Nixtamalized Corn - 5.0%
  • Luppolo, El Malecon Mexican Style Corn Lager - 5.0% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Hypha, Metatheon IPA - 6.5% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Steel & Oak - Escapade Pineapple Orange Farmhouse Ale - 4.4% (New Westminster, BC)
  • Strange Fellows X Brassneck, Some-antics Passionfruit Saison - 6.0% (Vancouver, BC)