Beer Mail #23: Craft Beer Cans!(Sold-out)

$68 + shipping

Craft beer in cans is a growing trend and we decided to try something different for our latest BEER MAIL package. Instead of 12 650ml bombers, we’ve packed four different 4-pks of tall cans (473ml each) into this one. More and more limited run brews are released this way and two of the four included in this—the Yellow Dog collaborations—are hard-to-find releases. Additionally, the Steel Toad and Central City IPAs are regular releases, but not widely distributed. And, believe it or not, you’ll get nearly the same amount of beer as our 12 x 650ml packages (7.57L vs. 7.8L), at a fraction of the price. Plus, since cans are lighter, we can offer reduced shipping cost. In this special package you’ll get four tall can 4-pks for just $68 + shipping!

And since cans are lighter, you get expedited shipping via Canada Post for only $20—anywhere in BC!

Remember, this box will only be available for two weeks, or until it’s sold out.

All 4-pks include 473ml cans. You get one (1) 4-pk of each beer listed below. No substitutions.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

  • 1 x Yellow Dog/Breakside POMO-PDX Brett IPA 6.7% (Port Moody/Portland, OR)
  • 1 x Yellow Dog/Steel + Oak Karoake Showdown Hoppy Doppelbock 8.1% (Port Moody/Vancouver)
  • 1 x Steel Toad Kermode West Coast IPA 7% (Vancouver)
  • 1 x Central City Super Stellar IPA 6% (Surrey, BC)