Beer Mail #45: Next Level IPAs (+1 Sour)(Sold-out)

$114 + shipping

IPAs have gone from being the standard-bearer of the craft beer movement to being the most experimental style. The IPAs in our latest BEER MAIL are definitely NOT your father’s IPAs. Though these all offer a different take on the style, one thing they have in common is the fragrant hop notes and classic hit of bitterness on the finish. In this wonderful mix of IPA styles, you get a brut IPA (dry, fruity & effervescent), imperial peach IPA (big, peachy and boozy), Citra IPA (incredibly fruity!), rice IPA (light-bodied and chuggagble) and white IPA (exotic Belgian yeast spice notes). And just to mix things up a bit (and because it’s so darn good), we’ve included a spruce tip sour, that’s as wonderfully fruity as any of these IPAs and has just a hint of spruce spice. You get two 650ml bottles of each of these six beers for just $114 plus shipping, sent anywhere in BC!

We offer a flat shipping charge of just $25 for Canada Post delivery anywhere in BC! FREE delivery to Victoria area addresses.

Remember, this box will only be available for two weeks, or until it’s sold out.

*All are 650ml bottles (except where noted) and you’ll get two bottles of each beer. Sorry, no substitutions.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

  • 2 x Moon Under Water Sprucey Fruit Spruce Tip Sour 6% (Victoria)
  • 2 x Field House Pinot Noir Brut IPA 7.9% (Abbotsford, BC)
  • 2 x Breakside Tall Guy Citra IPA 7.1% (Portland, OR)
  • 2 x Hoyne Carte Blanche White IPA 6% (Victoria)
  • 2 x Phillips Test Pattern Rice IPA 6.9% (Victoria)
  • 2 x Vancouver Island Imperial Peach IPA 8.5% (Victoria)