Beer Mail #47: All About the Tall Cans(Sold-out)

$55.6 + shipping

The BC craft beer industry has gone tall-can crazy, so we figured it was time to try out an all-tall can (473ml)  BEER MAIL, since fewer and fewer breweries are doing 650ml bombers these days. The nice thing about tall cans is they are a standard pint in volume, plus they are lighter and more portable than bombers. Cans also keep the beer fresher, and we guarantee you there’s no “tinny” taste to any of these great brews. Additionally, instead of getting 2 bottles each of 6 beers, we’ve put together a diverse selection of 12 different brews—including a couple of recently released “fresh hop” beers—from some of BC’s finest breweries: Twin Sails, Boombox, Superflux, Driftwood, Strange Fellows, Category 12, Phillips, Doan’s, Ravens, Strathcona and more! Volume wise, this Beer Mail box is the equivalent to approximately nine 650ml bombers, but it’s considerably less expensive and we’ve even dropped the shipping, because cans are lighter! Plus, because we always offer a 5% discount any time you purchase 4 or more tall cans, you’ll get that discount here, as well! So, in this very affordable package you’ll get one 473ml can of each of these 12 beers for just $55.60 plus shipping, sent anywhere in BC!

We offer a flat shipping charge of just $20 for Expedited Canada Post delivery anywhere in BC! FREE delivery to Victoria area addresses.

Remember, this box will only be available for two weeks, or until it’s sold out. Sorry, no substitutions.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

  • Britannia Boardwalk Troispical Pale Ale 5.2% (Richmond, BC)
  • Category 12 Fresh Hop Wild Pale Ale 5% (Saanich, BC)
  • Driftwood Goldynwell Folkol Table Ale 3% (Victoria)
  • Twin Sails Citrus Plus IPA 7.5% (Port Moody, BC)
  • Ravens/Doan's Excitebeer Dry Hopped Sour 4% (BC)
  • Phillips First Crust Fresh Hop Pale Ale w/Grape Must 4.7% (Victoria)
  • Boombox Juicy AF IPA 7.5% (Vancouver)
  • Lighthouse 20th Anniversary New World Witbier 5.3% (Victoria)
  • Collective Arts Life In the Clouds Hazy IPA 6.1% (Ontario)
  • Strathcona Canned Heat Mango Hefeweizen 5.5% (Vancouver)
  • Superflux Colour & Shape IPA 6.8% (Vancouver)
  • Strange Fellows Blackmail Milk Stout 4.2% (Vancouver)