Beer Mail #62: Everyday is New Beer Day(Sold-out)

77.50 + shipping

Our newest package of delicious liquid is a balanced variety of IPAs and Sours with a dash of refreshing experimentation.

It’s about time we saw “classic” styles revitalized in this haze craze and sour power market.

Examples of this include R&B‘s Hefeweizen, with it’s citrus-forward profile is backed by notes of clove and hints of bubblegum. Lighthouse brought back their Belgian Black with fruity esters and roasty black malt notes. Beau’s Wag the Wolf White IPA was a highlight for our staff years ago at Great Canadian Beer Festival, with it’s ultra-refreshing bitterness and bright orange peel notes.

Also packaged is Ile Sauvage‘s return of their Yuzu Gose, a lightly sour beer with savoury lemon verbena flavours. Strange Fellows’ uniquely sour Moon Blossom, with so much floral intensity that it resembles pickled jalapeños. Four Winds releases their Apricot Jam IPA with Lactose for that jammy and creamy stonefruit profile.

For the hop lover, Superflux Supernelson is a new IPA showcasing the Nelson Sauvin hop. Strange Fellows Cyclhops is featuring Vic Secret.

We’ve thrown in a couple more pricey 500ml Mikkeller beers for your added pleasure – the infamous Beer Geek Breakfast which goes well with your morning coffee and the quirky Coffee Raspberry Berliner-Weisse, which is totally whack in the best way possible. Dry, light, fresh raspberry notes and major coffee flavours.

Luppolo‘s New World Sour and Wild Saison w/ Pear are back with a vengeance – both super refreshing can-conditioned beers.

We’re prepared to send this pack of 10 x 473ml and 2 x 500ml box of craft beers to your door for $77.50Anywhere in BC!

Reminder – these packages are discounted 5% honoured by our Mix & Match tall can deal, encouraging variety.

We offer a flat shipping charge of $25 for Expedited Canada Post delivery anywhere in BC! (That’s you Haida Gwaii, Nelson, Prince Rupert, etc!)

FREE delivery to Victoria area addresses.

This box is available for a two-ish week window, or until it’s designated as Sold-Out.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

Delivery Schedule: Tuesday-Friday 11AM-4PM, Saturday 2-5PM – No deliveries Sunday or Monday.


  • Luppolo, Wild Saison with Pear - 6% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Luppolo, New World Sour - 4.5% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Strange Fellows, Cyclhops Single-Hopped IPA - 6.5% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Strange Fellows, Moon Blossom Elderflower Sour Saison - 5.3% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Four Winds, Apricot Jam IPA w/ Milk Sugar - 6.5% (Delta, BC)
  • Ile Sauvage, Yuzu Gose - 5% (Victoria, BC)
  • Superflux, Supernelson IPA - 6.9% (Vancouver, BC)
  • R&B, Chef's Hef Hefeweizen - 4.2% (Vancouver, BC)
  • Lighthouse, Belgian Black - 9% (Victoria, BC)
  • Beau's, Wag the Wolf White IPA - 5% (Vankleek Hill, ON)
  • Mikkeller, Beer Geek Breakfast - 7.5% (Norway)
  • Mikkeller, Coffee Berliner w Raspberries - 3.7% (Belgium)