Beer Mail #7: Big-Flavour Brews(Sold-out)

$110.5 + shipping

Craft beer is all about bold flavours. That doesn’t necessarily mean super-hoppy or really strong, either. Our latest Beer Mail offering features some wonderfully balanced beers that epitomize everything we love about craft beer. There’s a sense of experimentation, a nod to brewing history and, of course, amazing combinations of flavours. A blackberry witbier? Yum. An organic espresso stout? Delicious! A Belgian-style saison brewed with NW peaches? Other-worldly. There’s so much to love about the beers in our latest Beer Mail package. If you discovered craft beer because you want beer with more flavour, don’t miss this amazing selection for only $110.50 (+ shipping) for 12 bold-flavour bombers!

Remember, this box will only be available for two weeks, or until it’s sold out.

All are large-format 650ml bottles and you’ll get two bottles of each beer. Sorry, no substitutions.

Please note: Beer Mail orders can only be accepted from BC addresses. Orders must be placed during our hours of operation (10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week), per liquor control and licensing terms and conditions.

  • 2 x Twin Sails Dry-Hopped Kölsch 5.2% (Port Moody, BC)
  • 2 x Townsite Blackberry Festivale 5.5% (Powell River, BC)
  • 2 x Laurelwood Organic Espresso Stout 6% (Portland, OR)
  • 2 x Hoyne Helios Golden Lager 6% (Victoria)
  • 2 x Odin's Gift Amber w/Juniper Berries 5.4% (Seattle, WA)
  • 2 x Worthy Coeur de la Peche Peach Saison 7% (Bend, OR)