Wine Mail #21: BC Wine Feature, Unsworth(Sold-out)

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Traditional meets artisanal winemaking. A family owned and operated winery committed to handcrafting wines of distinction in the Cowichan Valley. All wines in this feature are island-grown! All prices are pre-tax & dep.

2018 Pinot Noir, $3.00 OFF = $34.69 
– You’ll find notes of opulent red fruit, violets, baking spice and earthy mushroom, followed by velvety tannins. The Island’s cool climate gives rise to the wonderful complexity and texture. Beautiful on its own or paired with salmon and poultry dishes.

2019 Pinot Gris, Saison Vineyard, $3.00 OFF = $22.52
– A single vineyard Pinot Gris. It is dry and bright on the palate with a great breadth of flavour and even more vibrant notes of salinity, ripe citrus and apple.

2018 Allegro$3.00 OFF = $20.78
– Medium bodied white blend of Sauvignette, Petit Milo and Amiel. Notes of grapefruit, green papaya, and white flowers complement it’s bright mouth feel and generous length.

2015 Cuvée d’Lîle, $3.00 OFF = $34.69
– The pinnacle of Unsworth’s sparkling wine collection, Cuvée de l’île is crafted in the traditional method a la Champagne. Presenting as a more complex and savory style compared to Charme de l’île as it takes several years from grape to shelf.

Ovation, Dessert Wine$3.00 OFF = $24.26
– A sweet, fortified dessert wine crafted from our oldest block of Marachel Foch. Ovation is a Solera blend, with 10+ vintages, the resulting wine is complex with flavours of dried cherry, caramel, coffee and raisin. Serve with blue cheese or chocolate desserts.

You save a total of $15.00 for one of each of these wines (5 x 750ml).

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  • 2018 Pinot Noir - 12.9% ABV $3.00 OFF
  • 2018 Allegro - 12.5% ABV $3.00 OFF
  • 2019 Pinot Gris, Saison Vineyard - 12.3% ABV $3.00 OFF
  • 2015 Cuvée d'Lîle - 12% ABV $3.00 OFF
  • Ovation, Dessert Wine - 19% ABV $3.00 OFF