Product Spotlight: Cool New Vernissage Wine in a Bag!

So, you’ve of course heard of wine in bottles and wine in boxes, but these two new offerings from Vernissage come in a handbag. Though they look pretty authentic, these are actually just eye-catching ways to package 3 litres of tasty French wine (from Pays d’Oc), complete with pouring spout on the side of the bag. It’s more than a cool package, though; it’s a great bargain, as well. We’re selling both the white (Chard/Viognier) and red (Cab Sauv/Syrah) for $50 each. That’s $12.50 per 750ml. These are great conversation pieces for your next party, but they are perfect for everyday drinking, too, as the wine stays fresh for more than a week once opened. How can you not pick up one of these today?