Product Spotlight: Sea Cider Ginger Perry

Here’s a special release from Sea Cider—Ginger Perry. If you’re unfamiliar with perry, it’s actually a pear cider made from a very specific kind of pear. This special version has been made with a ginger infusion that adds a nice little spicy complexity. If you’re a fan of Sea Cider, be sure to try this one.

Bruton Stoner 330ml (Italy)
Innis & Gunn Highland Ale 330ml (Scotland)
Tree Brewing Spiced Reserve Ale 650ml (Kelowna)

A. Duboy Sparkling Brut (Spain)
Averna Amaro (Italy)
Bartier Bros. Cowboy White (Okanagan)
Chariot Gypsy California Red (California)
Chateau Ollieux Cuvee Alice (Corbieres, France)
Chateau Vieux Brandard Bordeaux Superieur (France)
Farmer’s Table Chardonnay (California)
Gonzalez Byass Apostoles & Noe Sherry (Spain)
Haywire Pinot Noir (Okanagan)
Poggio Morino Vermentino (Italy)
Tenuta Maggiore Malvasia (Italy)

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC7 Islay Single Malt (Scotland)