Sauce Hound Aug. 2016 Newsletter: New Wines!

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If you follow us on social media, you know that we receive a lot of new craft beer releases every week. What we don’t always show, however, is all the great new wines that regularly show up. We are always on the look out for cool stuff you definitely won’t find at the BC liquor stores—interesting wines, packed with flavour, that “punch above their weight.”

Not only do we stock our shelves and fridge with tasty whites, reds and bubbly from BC and around the world, we provide staff-generated tasting notes for every wine right there on the tag, so you can get a sense of what each one is about. Our entire staff knows the wines we carry, and we’re happy to help you pick one—or three—to pair with a meal, bring to a party or enjoy on the patio.

So, since it’s nearing the end of the month, we thought we would provide you with a list of the latest wine arrivals that showed up in August. As you’ll see, there’s a little bit of everything, both price-wise and style-wise.

We definitely focus on craft beer at Cook St. Liquor, but we also have an ever-changing wine selection that we’re very proud of as well—take a look at the examples below.

Glenn Barlow & the Cook St. Liquor Staff



• Bella 2015 Sparkling Gamay Noir Rosé (Okanagan) $33.90
• Bella B2 Blanc de Blanc (Okanagan)
 $20.90 (375ml)
• Marie Courtin N/V Champagne (France) $69.90
• Rinaldini Lambrusco (Italy) $35.90
• Blasted Church N/V OMG (Okanagan) $33.90


• Blue Mountain 2015 Sauvignon Blanc (Okanagan) $23.90
• Tyrell’s Lost Block 2014 Semillon (Australia) $26.9
• Shingleback Haycutter’s 2014 Sauvingon Blanc Semillon (Australia) $17.90
• Rutini Trumpeter 2015 Chardonnay (Argentina) $22.90
• Torres 2014 Verdeo (Spain) $21.90
• Chateau De Nages Costieres de Nimes Blanc (France) $28.90


• Nagging Doubt 2014 The Pull (Okanagan) $37.90
Nagging Doubt 2014 Pinot Noir (Okanagan) $22.90
• Rutini Trumperter 2014 Pinot Noir (Argentina) $22.90
• Les Jamelles 2014 Syrah (France)$17.90
• Martinelle 2014 Ventoux (France)$34.90
• Nichol 2013 Cabernet Franc (Okanagan) $34.90
• Telmo Rodriguez 2014 Al-Muvedre (Spain) $19.90
• Chateau De Nages Costieres de Nimes Rouge (France) $29.90