Sauce Hound June Newsletter: Craft Spirits Are Big in BC

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In Cocktails or On the Rocks

BC craft spirits are a great local choice

Craft beer is not the only beverage experiencing a revolution right now. There is an abundance of craft-made spirits—from Gin to Rye—being distilled right here in BC. We have an extensive selection of these small-batch, artisanal spirits currently in stock and are always looking for new producers.

Summer’s just around the corner, so stop in and try some of these incredible locally made products—they’re perfect for all your outdoor entertaining. Or just enjoying the long days of sunlight on your deck or patio.

Glenn Barlow & the Cook St. Liquor staff


Ampersand Gin 750ml $45.90
Arbutus Empiric Gin 750ml $41.90
Merridale Frizz Vodka 750ml $34.90
Phillips Stump Gin 750ml $49.90
Phillips Hop Drops 50ml $6.90 & 200ml $15.90
Shelter Point Triple Distilled Vodka 375ml $21.90
Victoria Spirits Gin 750ml $49.90
Victoria Spirits Oaken Gin 375ml $35.90
Victoria Spirits Left Coast Hemp Vodka 375ml $32.90

Liberty Railspur No. 1 750ml $56.90
Liberty Railspur No. 2 750ml $57.90
Liberty Endeavor Gin 750ml $57.90
Liberty Endeavor Old Tom Gin 750ml $59.90
Liberty Endeavor Gin Origins 750ml $57.90
Liberty Truth Vodka 750ml $55.90
Long Table London Dry Gin 750ml $54.90
Odd Society Bitter Sweet Vermouth 375 ml $24.90
Odd Society Creme de Cassis 375 ml $24.90
Pemberton Schramm Organic Vodka 375ml $32.90
Sons of Vancouver Chili Vodka 375ml $21.90
Sons of Vancouver No. 92 Amaretto 750ml $43.90

Endless Summer Skaha Vodka 750ml $28.90
Legend Blasted Brew 375ml $33.90
Legend Slow Poke Rhubarb & Honey 500ml $39.90
Legend Slow Poke Sour Cherry 500ml $39.90
Legend Doctor’s Orders Gin 750ml $52.90
McLoughlin & Steele Rye 750ml $45.90
Noteworthy Gin 750ml $54.90