Sauce Hound May 2016 Newsletter: You’ve Got Beer Mail!

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Because not every city and town in BC has a craft beer-focused liquor store like Cook St. Liquor, we want to bring the best craft beer—both domestic and imports—to every place in BC that doesn’t have access to all the amazing craft beer out there. Every two weeks we’ll offer our latest Beer Mail package—two large format bottles of six different beers—that we can “Beer Mail” directly to your town.

Prices and the beers offered will vary, but the quality of the brew will be top-notch and they’ll be packed carefully to arrive in excellent condition. Each package is only offered for two weeks (or until it’s sold out), so if you see a package you like, order now, as we have limited quantities of all beers.

Our first package is a good representation of our in-store selection. We not only have all the best BC beers, we have some really cool (and tasty) brews from around the world. You’ll get two bottles each of the following 650ml beers:

Coronado Mermaid’s Red Ale 5.7% (San Diego, CA)
 Dageraad Sri Lanka Dubbel 8% (Vancouver, BC)
Gigantic Kiss the Goat Black Doppelbock 8% (Portland, OR)
Hoyne Hard Rain Double IPA 7.6% (Victoria, BC)
• Powell Street Belgian Witbier with Ginger Cardamom 5% (Vancouver, BC)
Townsite Zunga Golden Blonde Ale 5.2% (Powell River, BC)

Ready to order? Just click here.

ExtremeBeerV Poster 20160121

And speaking of great craft beer, we will be hosting our eighth Extreme Beer With the Beast tasting event on June 15. Like previous events, this will feature 10 amazing craft beers, paired with tasty morsels from the Whole Beast and a mind-blowing ending from Yonni’s Doughnuts. Ticket are just $30 and can be purchased in-store or online.

Glenn Barlow & the Cook St. Liquor staff