Sauce Hound May Newsletter: Sunny Forecast For Spring Sips

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This is an exciting time for both wine and craft beer—two of our favourite things, for sure. The craft beer world continues to grow and evolve and it’s been an exciting adventure to keep up with it all. One trend we’ve noticed (and we like) is the gradual move away from “everyday” beers in 650ml bombers. Breweries are now putting these brews into cans and bottles in 4-packs and 6-packs, which we are happily filling our fridges with! You’ll see a couple examples spotlighted here in this month’s newsletter.

Some interesting things are happening in the wine world also, as evidenced by the growing number of (and interest in) natural wines. We’ve spotlighted one from BC that we really like, and is very reasonably priced. Also, as a service to our customers who are interested in organic and natural wines, we have started using green shelf tags for them, so you can more easily spot them.

Speaking of spotting things in-store, you may have noticed tags with “NEW” and“Staff Pick” on them, as well as our tasting notes. These are our way of pointing you in the direction of the latest releases and others we’re particularly fond of.

Lastly, we love to hear customer feedback regarding the kind of product we carry in the store, so please feel free to let us know when you’re in-store, or send us an email, if there is something you’d like to see us bring in.

Glenn Barlow & the staff at Cook St. Liquor
Chateau de Montifaud Vieux Pineau des Charantes $31.90
Hailing from the Cognac region of southeast France, Pineau des Charentes is essentially freshly pressed grape juice fortified with Cognac. With flavours of toasted pecans, walnuts, sultanas and caramel—with a touch of vanilla and sweetness—Pineau des Charentes is a must try!
Lock & Worth 2014 Merlot $19.90
As I mentioned last month, natural wines are more and more finding themselves on people’s radar. The 2014 Merlot from Lock & Worth fits in with everything about this philosophy and it’s local to boot! Produced on the old Poplar Grove property, this organically farmed wine sees only neutral oak barrels, wild yeasts, no additives and is unfined and unfiltered. In contrast to the average Okanagan merlot, it is light to medium bodied with juicy plum and tart berry notes, slight earthiness and hints of dried herbs—perfect for a picnic! Check out their Sauvignon Blanc Semillon for another killer wine.
chase my tail play dead yellow dog
Yellow Dog 4-pack tall cans
Chase My Tale Pale Ale $14.60; Play Dead IPA $14.60

I know that I already barked about Yellow Dog Brewing last month, but that was a collaboration with Persephone and these new tall cans come straight from their own brewery in Port Moody. I have no idea where Port Moody actually is, but I’m sure there are lots of great things to pee on up there. And after a few of these delicious beers from Yellow Dog—the refreshing pale ale and the award-winning IPA—you may need to find a fire hydrant or tree yourself.

Main St. Session IPA 4-pack cans $14.60
Main Street has emerged out of the booming Vancouver scene pumping out consistently solid beers one after another. This Session IPA is no exception. Offering delicate tropical fruit notes of pineapple and grapefruit seed, it’s balanced by a bright, refreshingly bitter bite.
Also available: Main St. Pilsner 4-pack tall cans $14.60
cascade sours
Cascade Brewing sours $39.90-$44.90
If there ever were gateway beers to convince wine drinkers that the craft beer world had something for them, Cascade Brewing’s sour beers are it. These oak barrel-aged brews have the acidity, the fruit notes, the complexity and wonderful effervescence of a fine sparkling wine. They can also be cellared to further add to their depth of flavour. These special beers rarely find their way up here from Portland, so we’re lucky to have some on hand.
2012 Sang Royal $44.90; 2013 Figaro $44.90; 2014 Blueberry $39.90
Sables d’Azure Côtes de Provence Rosé $19.90
I’m still on the theme of what I like for the spring season, which I call my Three P’s: Perfect Picnic Picks. And this elegant bottle hits the right chords. The wine’s soft pinkish salmon hue looks lovely in the stylishly shaped bottle. A whiff of apple blossom on the nose is followed on the palate by citrus, delicate cranberry (a poke of acidity here) and a mineral and spice finish that lingers on the lips. It also perfectly meets another one of my three seasonal wine criteria—the three C’s: Colourful, Charming and Cheerful. If it was a person I’d ask it out on a date. You should too.