Sauce Hound Newsletter: Which Craft Beers Say “I Love You”?

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When we say that we have your Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac, we mean it literally! Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiaque Cocoa and Vanilla Stout is a gorgeously silky stout brewed with organic fair trade cocoa and high-quality vanilla beans. It’s just one of several craft beers—like the tart and delicious Commons Flemish Kiss—we recommend for celebrating this romantic occasion with your sweetie.

Chocolate is, of course, a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but a bottle of “liquid chocolate” is even sexier. These chocolate-infused brews are not only tasty on their own, they pair extremely well with chocolate. So you can have your chocolate and drink it, too. 
• Rogue Chocolate Stout
• Rogue Double Chocolate Stout
• Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter
• Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (contains no chocolate, but has big dark chocolate notes)

And speaking of stout beers and aphrodisiacs, if oysters will be part of the mood-setting for your Valentine’s Day meal, accompany them with a stout. Maybe not one of the chocolate stouts listed above, but any good dry stout, such as Lighthouse Keepers Stout or Powell St. Stout would pair beautifully. These beers perfectly compliment a fresh oyster’s salty brininess. Try one to accompany a dozen fresh Vancouver Island oysters on the half-shell!

And for a special, decadent dessert treat. Try making a Salt Spring Creme Brulee Vanilla Stout beer float. Just put a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream in a pint glass and fill up with beer. Delicious!

salt spring creme brulee vanilla stout
Now that we’ve sufficiently tempted you with some tasty Valentine’s Day craft beers, we’d like to mention that we will be hosting our second Extreme Beer Tasting at the Whole Beast and Village Butcher in Oak Bay on Thursday, April 30. Tickets will be available online and at the store. Stay tuned for details as we get closer to the date.