Special Treats For Rifflandia Wristband Wearers

As one of the sponsors of this year’s Rifflandia Festival at R.A.P., we have a couple of special offers we’re making available to festival-goers with wristbands. First, you can get yourself a free Single Lever corkscrew if you come in, make a purchase and flash your Rifflandia wristband. While you’re there, showing off said wristband and stocking up on pre- and post-festival libations, enter our “Winlandia” giveaway, a super-special “boozy gift basket” that’s on display in the store.

To reiterate: in order to take advantage of these offers, you must: 1) be wearing your Rifflandia wristband and, 2) you must make a purchase. That said, you can enter as many times as you want to win the basket, but you must make a purchase for each entry.