Stone Beers Are Back!


After several years absence from the market, Stone Brewing beers from San Diego, California, are finally back in Canada. We just received a substantial shipment of many different styles (see below).

Stone was one of the very important second wave of craft breweries (along with Dogfish Head, Avery, etc.) that were launched in the ’90s and started to take craft beer in an even bigger and bolder direction. If you love hoppy beers, you have to try these.

Hopefully these will continue to stay in stock moving forward. However, with this first launch, the excitement over these brews finding their way back into BC may cause them to be snapped up quickly.

Cali-Belgique IPA 650ml
Arrogant Bastard 650ml
Ruination IPA 650ml
Matt’s Burning Rosids Imperial Smoked Saison 650ml
Stochasticity Quadrotriticale 650ml
Coffee Milk Stout 6-pks
StoneĀ IPA 6-pks
Stone Go To IPA 6-pks