Stuff Their Stockings With Craft Beer

stocking stuffers

Looking for a little treat for that special someone? Something you can stuff into their stocking, perhaps? We have a huge selection of small (typically 330ml to 500ml) bottles of special (and some rare) craft beers that are perfect for wrapping up. We could even help you put together a selection of the single bottles we sell to create a customized 4- or 6-pack. [Please note, however, that if a beer is not sold by the bottle, we will not break up a 6-pack.]

We have a lot to choose from from breweries all over the world: Canada, USA, Japan, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, New Zealand and many more in literally every style—from black lagers to barley wines. Stop in to check out our selection. You might even find a bottle or two to take home to enjoy while you’re wrapping presents.

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